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Chronicles – June 2012

I lifted the chopping blade of the double-head ax and swung it toward the heart of the ancient oak. The Forest Service had designated this tree to be cut down, chopped up, and hauled away. This kind old tree that had sheltered many a bird and fed the deer for years was chosen to be…


Spiritual – June 2012

When I was a kid, we went to church most every Sunday, like the good Baptists that we were.  We all got dressed up in our “Sunday Clothes”, and sang songs from the hymnal, and old men said “Amen” at the end of the songs.  It was this “thing” that we all did.  We go…


Food Truck Revolution – June 2012

Kitchens now a days are massive works of art that are decked out with every modern gadget you could ever think of needing. But some of the best foods around Boerne come out of a kitchen on wheels. Food truck chefs create their masterpieces while seeming to do a choreographed dance inside a kitchen that…


Ultimate Summer Foods – June 2012

Summer is here, and along with the warmer days and annoying mosquitoes come the backyard get-togethers. In honor of this glorious time, we compiled a few select items to come up with the Ultimate Summer Foods. So fire up those grills and make your cookout Ultimate with these great additions. Wrap It Up turkey Wrap…

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