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From the Publisher

Dearest Explore Reader, When I was in college, I worked at the Rainbow Play Systems showroom on weekends in Lubbock. It was a pretty cushy job, I liked the owner (who was also named Ben), and the pay was pretty good. I could get a fair amount of studying done in between customers, and I…



New ideas. New thinking. Standing on the heels of 2014, seems like the right time for talking about awareness. The strange moments when we look, when we take stock of ourselves. Where we are. Who we want to be. This is a story about a moment of my awareness. “Can you hear it ok…?” His…


Unwilling Participants

The Germans left their home and everything they knew, risked their lives in the holds of stinking ships, and landed in the port city of Indianola to find it disease ridden and over crowded. Once there, they were stranded with no food, no housing, and no transportation to the new lives America promised. Relying on…


My Town

We here at EXPLORE take pride in the little community we have here nestled in the Hill Country. We wanted to start the new year off with a new feature we’re calling “My Town.” In the coming months we’ll be featuring people throughout Boerne and surrounding areas who you may or may not know. While…


God and I Talk A Lot

God and I talk a lot.  That doesn’t mean that I always do as I’m supposed to, or that I even listen sometimes, but we are at least talking.  And for me anyway, that’s important. I was sitting beside the lake not too long ago, and was lying on the dock in the dead of…


January is for Fruit Trees

If you are like me, we are all five pounds heavier from the numerous apple and pecan pies we have consumed over the past thirty days; but hopefully we still have happy visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. The next few weekends are usually spent napping on the sofa, lulled by sounds of…

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