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From the Publisher

Dearest EXPLORE reader, When I was growing up in Boerne, the town was certainly a wee bit smaller. Cow pastures were everywhere, there wasn’t a lot of commerce outside of Main Street, and the roads were practically empty when compared with today. During those years (and I’m sure it’s similar to many of you in…


Montreal and Dogs

“You shouldn’t go,” she laughed, “what is there for you out there?” She had an accent, a deep French-Canadian seriousness, that made everything she said feel like I’m back in high school talking to a teacher. “I don’t know.” “No, stay for another,” she said already filling another tumbler with ice, “I wanna know about…


No More Excuses

All of us have a dream (or two); something we’ve always wanted to accomplish, to experience, or to become. You might use a word other than “dream.” Words like goal, Bucket-List, or “something I’ve always wanted to do before I die” also apply here. Whatever word you use, everybody has something they’ve always wanted to…


What’s new in Boerne?

Spring is here…a season that, for many, represents newness or a fresh start.  In keeping with the newness-theme, we’d like to shine some light on a few local, small businesses here in Boerne that have recently opened their doors to our town: Fresh Urban Flowers – A contemporary approach to your floral and gift needs….



Sometimes I struggle with the concept of hell. As in, a place of eternal suffering with a lake of fire and demons tormenting you, pitchforks and the whole shooting match. It’s beyond horrifying, and I can’t quite understand why it exists. Created by a loving God that died for me?  Huh? Many scholars have determined…


Vault: Fostering Community

I have loved having the opportunity to sit down with some of Boerne’s most philanthropic souls to learn what drove them to dedicate their lives selflessly to advocate for others. There are 326 active registered nonprofit organizations in Kendall County. We are saturated with opportunity to love on others and I think that is over-the-top…


Old Timer

    Doug’s Liquor store just closed down. If you don’t know what/who Doug is, then I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you have moved here in the last 5 years. Plaza Package Store (Doug’s Liquor Store) is the beige liquor store right in the main shopping district of Main…

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