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From The Publisher

Dearest EXPLORE reader, On a recent trip to the coast, my date and I were on a fishing boat, zooming across Aransas Bay and its dancing waves. As the sun peeked above the horizon, it lit the water like countless jewels. Rays of light shot out in every direction, and the ocean seemed to catch…



Dogs Pt. II I finally ran out of money on the jukebox and went back to the counter. The bartender had disappeared off somewhere, and I sat humming along to Chet Baker, watching the street and thinking, “The faces here are so different.”   Nice people, at least the one’s I’ve met, but they look so different, and…


Another Person’s Shoes

ANOTHER PERSON’S SHOES Can we talk? Would you allow me a few minutes to be really honest about something I see in our community that really needs to change? I’m not talking about increasing problems with traffic congestion, road construction, the development of more sub-divisions, or water conservation in our neck of the woods. I…


The Art of Stone Masonry

Since man had the ability to make and use tools, stonemasonry has existed. This meticulous craft of shaping rocks into precise geometrical shapes and arranging them accurately has created many historical structures that still stand today, such as the Taj Mahal and the Egyptian Pyramids. So it is no surprise when long-time Boerne resident,  J.J….


Summer Concerts

JUNE 1ST: The Toman Brothers @ 7pm (11th Street Cowboy Bar – Bandera) 1st: The Georges @ 7pm (Gruene Hall – Gruene) 1st: Sol Patch Live @ 6-9pm (Silver Creek – Fredericksburg) 2nd: Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun @ 7pm (Gruene Hall – Gruene) 3rd: Fabulous Chevelles @ 7:30pm (Angel’s Ice House – Spicewood)…


Roads Less Traveled

Life is rarely an “easy” journey. Yes, we can all look around us and identify people that seemingly have it made. As in, the nice house, the stress free career, the perfect kids, and the perpetual smile. These people, from all outward appearances, seem to have it all together. And then there’s you and I….


A Home for EVERY Child

Last month I had the privilege of writing about the local non-profit that is most dear to my heart: Vault Fostering Community. I gave some staggering statistics regarding the world of foster care and some tangible ways to love on foster families in our community. This month I felt like it would be MOST appropriate to…


Old Timer

I went to a City Council meeting recently. Yes, my ears bled. I learned a lot about how these little meetings operate, and exactly WHY normal citizens rarely attend: it’s because they’re mind-numbing. Presentations, glad-handing each other, and just a bunch of monotonous readings and exaltations. However, at this particular meeting, I stumbled into something…

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