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From The Publisher

Dearest EXPLORE reader, I like to watch college football. As a Texas Tech grad, I love to follow the Texas colleges and read of the latest UT debacle, controversy, or bribe. I’m kidding as I have lots of friends that are UT alums, but I’m not unique in that I like to watch the games…


The Past

Despite what it looks like with these stories, I think very little about my past. What is done, I like to leave done. Maybe this is me keeping a few memories for later? For a day when I will want to look back. But, after I close this story, I won’t look back for a…



Fear. I hate fear. It’s such a crippling, soul-crushing emotion and is more than a little frustrating to try to make sense of it. I’m not talking about the “I’m scared of a boogey man in my closet” type of fear, but rather, the “what if” fear that can plague us all. What if the…


Art of

Nancy Frazier, owner of Massage Matters has fast become one of the area’s most popular Massage Therapists.  Utilizing her knowledge in her industry, coupled with good ol’ fashioned customer service, Frazier has helped thousands of clients heal quicker as well as simply relax, and her motivations run as deep as the knots in your back….


Old Timer

Well, the issue of Buc-ee’s dominated our universe last month, and I don’t know about you, but I’m fatigued with it at this point. The EDC and the City Council pulled yet another fast one on us, and managed to keep the whole thing a secret until days before the vote. And just like that,…

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