Daily Archives: September 7, 2017


Art Of – Protection

For Kirsten Cohoon, currently the City Attorney for Boerne, this community means a lot to her. With deep roots going back to the early settlers of this area, Cohoon is passionate about her career, but also ensuring that she is just as deeply involved in the community as well. As the past President of the…


Spiritual – Hell

Sometimes I struggle with the concept of hell. As in, a place of eternal suffering with a lake of fire and demons tormenting you, pitchforks and the whole shooting match. It’s beyond horrifying, and I can’t quite understand why it exists. Created by a loving God that died for me? Huh? Many scholars have determined…


Drive With Steve Tye

The trademark philosophy of Tye’s Driving School is that, sometimes, being successful means being different. Last November, Steve Tye, who is primary driving instructor and owner of the business, set up shop off Interstate 10 Frontage Road, just three miles down the road from Rhodes Driving School. In most scenarios, two companies running the same…

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