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From The Publisher

Dearest EXPLORE Reader, You’ve all seen the movie: JAWS. And you all know the character: QUINT. You might know the character, but the name might not register with you. QUINT was the crusty fishermen that took the guys out to catch the shark on the ORCA. All of you just threw your head back and…


Art Of Curiosity

Adrienne Ehler, owner of the Ninth House Collection, has taken what began as a simple hobby and turned it into a passion. Her jewelry and bracelets have been shipped all over the world, and she has taken a simple “moment of curiosity” with jewelry creation, and found a much deeper calling. Ehler, originally from Cameron…


Ms. Sue

Nestled on a multiacre property off Old Fredericksburg Rd in Boerne, sits one of the most unknown, but highly polished art schools in the Hill Country. Ms. Sue’s Art Studio offers art classes for kinder up to adult; as well as providing an arts environment for painting parties, coupled with an exhibition space and teaching…


Old Timer

Vermont is going to get a TARGET store. Big deal, right? Well, it’s probably not a big deal to those of us here in Boerne, but there’s interesting facts behind the story of TARGET finally moving into Vermont. Most glaring is that Vermont has been the last state in the country without a TARGET, and…

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