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Art Of Stone Masonry

Since man had the ability to make and use tools, stonemasonry has existed. This meticulous craft of shaping rocks into precise geometrical shapes and arranging them accurately has created many historical structures that still stand today, such as the Taj Mahal and the Egyptian Pyramids. So it is no surprise when long-time Boerne resident,  J.J….



January. The annual reminder that there are things we want to change about our habits, attitudes and self. We’re talking about resolutions. The time of year when gyms are packed any everyone tells themselves “THIS TIME will be different.” Unfortunately, resolutions are usually so vague, you’re all but guaranteed to fail. Here is a list…


Tango Fire

When Cupid shoots his arrow for a romantic evening with that someone special in your life…Cupid is always looking for ways to make the event passionate, tender, and affectionate.  The phrase “It takes two to tango” might be your answer to a very special “date night” in Boerne! Tango Fire portrays the dance form that…


Old Timer

Old Timer, 17 Herff is looking like it’s going to happen. I’m confused. What changed? It got shot down, but now they’re back and it appears that it’s going to get approved. Huh? Haha, simpleton. Of COURSE it’s going to get approved. It was ALWAYS going to get approved, and I’m disappointed that you expected…

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