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From The Publisher

Dearest EXPLORE Reader, There’s just something about an old boat. It can’t be a new boat, nor even a restored boat. It must be an OLD boat. It needs weathered upholstery, and faded controls. The interior carpet should be ripped and jagged, and there simply must be random tools in random locations, and there better…


Art Of The Cross

If you’ve ever met Jason Brown, Lead Pastor of 1910 Church in Boerne, you would say that he has ENERGY. From his animated demeanor to his impassioned sermons at the fast-growing church, you will rarely catch him not with a smile on his face and with his arms waving this way and that. This energy…


History – Beyond Words

This is how an article sometimes happens- a writer becomes discombobulated in that bleak, gray-hued time-out-of-time that settles over everything like a shroud after the holidays have stopped making winter fun (have you ever seen that movie The Others with Nicole Kidman? That’s what I’m talking about.) She’s housebound due to a minor ice storm…


Spiritual – Patience Is A Virtue

Sometimes our vantage point provides us with a most unique angle to view human nature. Part of my job is running a local website. It’s an e-commerce platform, meaning that it is a gateway that allows people to purchase items from local businesses. Our customers are typically local folks looking to save a few bucks…


Old Timer

I wrote this piece a few years ago. I don’t remember the year it originally ran, nor the month. Unimportant, I suppose. I was feeling particularly nostalgic and wanted to do something a little different with my column and hammered this out on a beautiful morning when I really wished that I was having coffee…

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