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From The Publisher

Dearest EXPLORE Reader, I’ve wanted to write this particular Publisher’s piece for a while (as in years) but could never quite sculpt it in my mind in a way that made any sense for you, the reader. In fact, now that I think about it, I believe that I’ve been kicking the topic for this…


The Art Of Discernment

Raymond Lunsford and his wife Lisa have quite the footprint on Main Street of Boerne. Though you might not know their name, they are owners of several buildings, as well as the famous Dienger Building in Boerne. They have taken a passion for this town and developed one of the area’s most widely known destination…


The Birth Of A Legend

A quick fun “fact” about Boerne Berges Fest. Did you know that the Fajita taco has a tale that links its origin to Boerne Berges Fest? The fajita taco has origins linked directly to Berges Fest: fajita is a TexMex word that means “little belt”, or “sash”, and references the shape of skirt steak, which…


That Which We Cannot Control

This column isn’t for you. I’m writing it for me. Because I need to hear it more than you do. Or maybe there’s someone out there as messed up as I am. If somebody had told me 5 years ago “I suffer from anxiety” I would have resisted chuckling at them. “Really? Anxiety? What are…


Sunrise Pottery

Located at 330 FM 474 in Boerne is a hidden treasure: Doug Oian’s studio Sunrise Pottery which opened 19 years ago and is still thriving today. Sunrise Pottery is a wonderful hand thrown, stoneware pottery store and classroom. The Clay Artist creates a wide variety of everyday dinnerware, serving pieces, and home decor as well…


Old Timer

June just started and the mercury is already flirting with triple digits. I’m going to sit in my air conditioning and contemplate who is responsible for this atrocity. Update forthcoming next month. Or not. It may still be too hot to peel my wrinkled old man ass out of the trusty la-z-boy. Stay tuned.

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