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Art Of The Old Timer

Few columnists that have written for EXPLORE have polarized people more than our favorite curmudgeon, affectionately known simply as Old Timer. Rumors have run rampant the past few years as to the true identity of Old Timer, but all were false. After much convincing, we are pleased to finally be able to unmask Old Timer…


Survivor’s Story

by Casey Bonham Raised in a catholic household, 6th in a brood of 8 children and living in California was life as Tim Ekno knew it. The trajectory of his life was drastically re-routed in at the age of 12 after he experienced the unthinkable while attending boarding school. Tim spent a total of 3…



by Christine Friesenhahn The Texas hill country area is the birthplace of a number of famous dishes. Corn dogs. Chili. Margaritas.  I’ll get around to writing about those in future issues, but this month I want to start with one of the least known, and arguably weirder offerings. Because why not lead with weird? More…


Old Timer

Old Timer reminisces a lot. I sit on my porch and remember the neighbors I used to have. I stroll to Bear Moon and think back upon the days of standing on the same curb to watch the Parade with my wife and children. I drive 46 and remember when I used to be able…

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