Daily Archives: December 31, 2019

From The Publisher

I spent the better part of my formative years growing up in Boerne. It was a cool time to grow up in Boerne, as it afforded me the opportunity to experience a lot of things here that the current kids probably don’t get to do. Riding a horse around town, no traffic, and skipping rocks…


Getting Corny

Last month, we discussed Parisa, a delicacy born in central Texas, but virtually unheard of outside a 3 county area. This month, we’re going in the opposite direction. A food item as ubiquitous as a ham sandwich. If you haven’t heard of corny dogs, are you even human? There are two primary places that claim…


Old Timer Predicts 2020

Your favorite Grandpa Old Timer is back, whiskey proudly sitting at the corner of my desk, with another rendition of OLD TIMER’S PREDICTIONS! These are always so fun for me, and let’s face it, they turn out overwhelmingly accurate. I mean, did I predict that Taj-Mah-City Hall would tower ominously over Main Street? Of course…

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