The Art Of The Vine

Silouan Bradford had his life mapped out. Then, he decided that maybe he didn’t have it perfectly mapped out. Then he switched gears yet again in the pursuit of his passion. It wasn’t an inability to settle on a direction, but it was an honest pursuit of what he felt was his purpose. Luckily, he…


Lead Belly

This month’s Badass is someone who even has a badass name: Lead Belly. Nobody is quite sure where the nickname came from, but legends differ and include the fact that he was strong as a damn ox  and he was tough as hell. Another includes the fables that apparently he could drink the nastiest, craziest…


Have Faith

You can’t walk on water unless you get out of the boat. This little saying is used in countless circumstances, and describes pretty well the emotions we all feel when taking on a difficult task, or making the choice to do, well, most anything that’s hard. And, obviously, in a spiritual sense, it’s a great…


Music – Matt Kersh

Matt Kersh writes and plays classic Americana/Folk, plenty of soul, with Texas roots. His powerful lyrics paired with his soulful voice create music that is both familiar and new at the same time, comforting and thought-provoking. A chance to see him perform live is something to be sought after. Kersh is a native Texan, born…


The Art Of Discernment

Raymond Lunsford and his wife Lisa have quite the footprint on Main Street of Boerne. Though you might not know their name, they are owners of several buildings, as well as the famous Dienger Building in Boerne. They have taken a passion for this town and developed one of the area’s most widely known destination…


The Birth Of A Legend

A quick fun “fact” about Boerne Berges Fest. Did you know that the Fajita taco has a tale that links its origin to Boerne Berges Fest? The fajita taco has origins linked directly to Berges Fest: fajita is a TexMex word that means “little belt”, or “sash”, and references the shape of skirt steak, which…

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