Art of the Draw

Art of the Draw   For JP Rankin and his small collection of characters that you can find most days hanging out at the Cartoon Saloon, it’s never long between belly laughs. Built in Rankin’s property, the Cartoon Saloon is unlike any “bar” you’ve ever been. No security system. No cash register. Heck, there’s not…



One of my all time favorite movies is “Scent of a Woman”, starring Al Pacino as a blind veteran that lost his eyesight when he was drunk and start fooling around with a hand grenade. Since his accident, he basically spends the majority of his time sitting in his daughter’s guest house on her property…


Boerne Performing Arts 2019 Season

Keep Calm and Carry On… a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 in preparation for World War II…has been adopted by Boerne Performing Arts as a motivational slogan in preparation for their 2019 Season! Another popular World War II poster in America…We Can Do It…has also become a motto for Boerne Performing…


The Art Of The Vine

Silouan Bradford had his life mapped out. Then, he decided that maybe he didn’t have it perfectly mapped out. Then he switched gears yet again in the pursuit of his passion. It wasn’t an inability to settle on a direction, but it was an honest pursuit of what he felt was his purpose. Luckily, he…

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