Ms. Sue

Nestled on a multiacre property off Old Fredericksburg Rd in Boerne, sits one of the most unknown, but highly polished art schools in the Hill Country. Ms. Sue’s Art Studio offers art classes for kinder up to adult; as well as providing an arts environment for painting parties, coupled with an exhibition space and teaching…


Dusty’s World Tour

Original Print Date: July 2009 From the moment we shook hands, I could not stop staring at his glass eye. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. And it stared back at me enough to burn a hole straight into my curiosity. “Dusty,” I asked, “Is that… is that a glass eye?” “Oh this…

Boerne Professional Artists

EXPLORE MAGAZINE: March 2017 Sue Talford – Boerne Performing Arts – 830.238.4842   What is Bollywood you ask?  Coined by a journalist in the 1970’s, this term refers to the film industry based in the city of Mumbai, India, which used to be called Bombay.   Bombay + Hollywood = Bollywood!   Quick facts: India…


Boerne Performing Arts – Russian Seasons

The first Russian revolution in the world of dance took place in 1910, when Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes (widely regarded as the most influential ballet company of the 20th century) performed “Petrushka” and “Firebird” in Paris, introducing European audiences to tales, music and design motifs drawn from Russian folklore. The second revolution occurred in 1991,…

Art of the Adventure

The pictures are shared across social media frequently, and are met with an almost overwhelming negative response. The hunter, beaming with his kill. Sometimes it’s a lion, perhaps a cheetah, and even sometimes it’s an elephant. People become upset at the death of such majestic animals, and cannot understand why someone would hunt and kill…


The Past

Despite what it looks like with these stories, I think very little about my past. What is done, I like to leave done. Maybe this is me keeping a few memories for later? For a day when I will want to look back. But, after I close this story, I won’t look back for a…


Art of

Nancy Frazier, owner of Massage Matters has fast become one of the area’s most popular Massage Therapists.  Utilizing her knowledge in her industry, coupled with good ol’ fashioned customer service, Frazier has helped thousands of clients heal quicker as well as simply relax, and her motivations run as deep as the knots in your back….


The Art of Jewelry

Morrell Jewelry has been creating beautiful jewelry in Boerne for the past 25 years, and has garnered a reputation as one of the area’s most skilled and respected artisans in the area. Owned and operated for decades by Dave Morrell, ownership was eventually transferred to long-time employee, Jeanette Alcazar. Her own love and passion for…



Black Ribbons White: a single wooden side table held a heavily used coffee maker, and a few pamphlets. The only things on the wall to break up this ocean of white: a red plastic clock and a pastel work of wild flowers framed in a dull gold. At the front desk, unaware or uncaring about…


Art Of

Louis Gawlik’s job title is “Making dreams a reality”. That’s not his actual job title, but perhaps it should be. Gawlik, owner of Xtreme Construction & Services is in the business of taking your vision, your dreams, and your goals…and making them a reality. Having worked with dozens of small business people (as well as…


The Art of Satire

  EXPLORE columnist “Old Timer” has cultivated more feedback, laughs, and anger than any other columnist. While we feature several authors that certainly churn out some wonderfully written pieces that give readers reasons to pause, reflect, laugh, or cry, none have simultaneously caused an uproar of anger along with guffaws of laughter more than Old…


The Art of Stone Masonry

Since man had the ability to make and use tools, stonemasonry has existed. This meticulous craft of shaping rocks into precise geometrical shapes and arranging them accurately has created many historical structures that still stand today, such as the Taj Mahal and the Egyptian Pyramids. So it is no surprise when long-time Boerne resident,  J.J….

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