Spiritual – March 2017

I’ve had the flu for the past week, and let me tell ya, it’s not a bit of fun. Day after day of fevers, chills, aches, pains, and general misery. It’s been barely sleeping at night, and then wanting to sleep all day. One minute you might feel a little better, and then the next…

Spiritual – Dec 2016

So I’m not getting any younger.   I asked my grandfather one time what it feels like to be 84, and he said that his mind tells him that he’s still 18.  His body, however, tells him differently.  And that just fascinated me at the time because I was probably 18 when I asked him…



Fear. I hate fear. It’s such a crippling, soul-crushing emotion and is more than a little frustrating to try to make sense of it. I’m not talking about the “I’m scared of a boogey man in my closet” type of fear, but rather, the “what if” fear that can plague us all. What if the…


I Have Questions

I have questions. LOTS of questions. In thinking about some of these questions, I put them in a list for your perusal. If you don’t have questions, but rather, have answers…I’d like to hear ‘em. If God can write on the wall (as He did in Daniel 5:5) then why didn’t He write the Bible?…


Stupid Smelly People

This one is for the person that grew up in the church, became disenchanted because of “church people”, has pretty much given up on their spiritual journey, probably hasn’t attended church in years, and just kind of shrugs their shoulders at the whole notion of GOD and ends the conversation with “I’m a good person…


Side By Side

I’m just like you. Yeah, I write a “spiritual” article, but I assure you, I am no elder at my church. I skip services sometimes, I blurt out a curse word frequently, and I don’t pray before every business meeting. I think that it’s important for you to understand that, because I think that often…


Roads Less Traveled

Life is rarely an “easy” journey. Yes, we can all look around us and identify people that seemingly have it made. As in, the nice house, the stress free career, the perfect kids, and the perpetual smile. These people, from all outward appearances, seem to have it all together. And then there’s you and I….



Sometimes I struggle with the concept of hell. As in, a place of eternal suffering with a lake of fire and demons tormenting you, pitchforks and the whole shooting match. It’s beyond horrifying, and I can’t quite understand why it exists. Created by a loving God that died for me?  Huh? Many scholars have determined…


Finding God

Oftentimes, the concept of “church” is imposing for some people. They don’t like the formality, the culture, the politics, nor the pretention that can accompany this group of people. This idea that church is just not for them might have been forged while they were younger, or something they latched onto later in life, but…


I’m Angry

I’m flat on my face spiritually, and I suppose I have been for a while. I still talk with my Christian friends, and over a lunch will explain that I’m doing ok and am “just fighting the good fight.” I still go to church, and even pray…but if I were real honest, I would have…

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