Haunted Houses of Boerne

For generations, Boerne residents have heard spooky ghost stories about some of our most historic buildings. With Halloween approaching, it’s a perfect time to revisit three of Boerne’s most popular haunted landmarks: The Dienger Building, Ye Kendall Inn, and Country Spirit. While most visitors may not encounter any ghosts – the stories behind them will definitely give you goose bumps!

The Dienger Building
(Formally the Boerne Public Library)
Joseph and Ida Dienger built the Dienger Building in 1887. Downstairs they operated a dry-goods grocery store.  They used the upstairs as their home that they shared with their seven children.

In 1991, The City of Boerne bought the Dienger Building and the ghosts came out to play. Many local residents have reported seeing lights in the building going on and off when they drive by at night. There have also been other reports: unusual voices echoing in the hall, the figure of a woman by a staircase, and books falling off shelves when no one was in the room.

So why do the Dienger’s ghosts still hang around? As the story goes, Mr. Dienger, at one time, used space in the  building to host meetings, celebrations, and parties for area businesses and clubs. Some believers think it could be the spiritual remains of Joseph Dienger. Others think the ghost is Ida Dienger who didn’t approve of the alcohol that was served during her husband’s gatherings.

Country Spirit Restaurant & Bar
(currently El Chaparral Mexican Restaurant)
Country Spirit is known to be haunted by three ghosts – David, Augustine, and Fred. The most widely- known ghost is David, a teenager who haunts the upstairs bathroom. According to legend, David drowned in the claw-foot bathtub that remains in the bathroom to this day. While you’re upstairs, be on the lookout for Augustine – she likes to lounge on a green couch near the bathrooms. Don’t be surprised if you hear doors opening or closing while you’re waiting in the line for the restroom.

Fred is known to hang out in the basement – so if you stick to the first floor of the restaurant you should be ghost free.


Ye Kendall Inn
Erastus and Sarah Reed bought the land Ye Kendall Inn currently occupies in 1859. The Inn, then known as The Old Reed house, acted as Boerne’s only stagecoach stop.

Apparently the Reeds never wanted to leave their beloved Inn and their spirits remain. The lobby, the Marcella, and the Victoria Room are considered the most actively haunted areas. There are reports of a sign flying off the wall in  the lobby and landing across the room. Sounds of horse and carriages trotting through the lobby can be heard. Of course, like, many ghost stories lights mysteriously flicker on and off during the night. The most ironic report is that a claw-foot bathtub in The Victoria Room mysteriously fills itself while guests sleep. They claim to never hear the water running.

If brave hearted, discover these historic haunted Boerne landmarks. And maybe, just maybe, you will meet a ghost.


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