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Louis Gawlik’s job title is “Making dreams a reality”.

That’s not his actual job title, but perhaps it should be. Gawlik, owner of Xtreme Construction & Services is in the business of taking your vision, your dreams, and your goals…and making them a reality.

Having worked with dozens of small business people (as well as residential projects), Gawlik has worked to perfect the dance of reading your mind, seeing the purpose, function, and vision for a particular project, and turning it into a reality.


Gawlik begins, “I grew up in San Antonio, and I worked with my dad a lot during the summers at the glass company he owned since he was 24. Half of my family owns their own business, and I also worked with my cousin who owned a body shop so early on I was involved in the family business.”

After high school Gawlik continued working with family, but as his dad wanted him to go to college, Gawlik attended St. Phillips at night while continuing to work with his father during the day. However, Gawlik quickly knew that he wanted to branch out and do his own thing. “Via some family connections, I started my own subcontracting business in 2005, which ultimately led to a business that did government contracting work at Brooks City for 4 years.”

With the contracting experience that Gawlik gained, he ultimately started Gawlik Enterprises, which began in 2010 (dba Xtreme Construction & Services) and started doing work for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Gawlik explains, “My cousin was an Area Manager for Enterprise, and they are constantly expanding. I did all their remodels in the region, and am now moving into building actual buildings for them at this point. Business has been amazing – 2010-12 were some of my best years for us, but we’re still growing.”

Being the contractor on projects from $10,000 to the millions, Gawlik is charged with making sense of a myriad of moving parts. Some simple, some complex, he must be the leader that ensures not only customer satisfaction upon completion, but really, the realization o a person’s dream. “I love the diversity of what I do – it’s always something new. I’ve been on job where it lasts for several months, and you can get tired of it, but I know that it’s always going to change. You can always learn something new, and I trust that it will never get old. I’ve gone from doing odd jobs to building actual buildings, and it’s so exciting. It’s also the vision of what is to come that keeps me going. For example, I can drive by a job site and it’s nothing but a field, and I love knowing that when I’m done, there will be an actual building there.”

He continues, “I like doing the remodels of private homes as well because I enjoy the satisfaction of realizing their dream homes with them. But I suppose that my favorite thing is when I get to work with people that are breaking out of their corporate job and are realizing their dreams by starting their own business. They have selected a site, which is often simply an empty shell, they have a vision, and I help them create it. I absolutely love that. They are scared and nervous, but you can see the twinkle in their eye o sheer excitement.  I come from a long line of self-employed people, and I know the pride and dedication that it takes to make it work. So that’s probably my favorite part is to be blessed to watch them as their business comes together during the construction and you can see the pride in their eyes.”

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