The Art of Jewelry

Morrell Jewelry has been creating beautiful jewelry in Boerne for the past 25 years, and has garnered a reputation as one of the area’s most skilled and respected artisans in the area. Owned and operated for decades by Dave Morrell, ownership was eventually transferred to long-time employee, Jeanette Alcazar. Her own love and passion for jewelry design made her a great candidate, but her love for her customers made her the perfect fit.


Originally from a military family, Alcazar married in ’89 and quickly moved to the Texas Hill Country. She begins, “I actually had two jobs when I was going to college where I worked in a fine jewelry store, and I also was a bookkeeper for many years. I was one of Dave’s loyal customers originally, and he had been asking me to come work for him for a long time, but the timing wasn’t right.  I had been with the same company for several years and just wasn’t ready.”

However, after the premature birth of her second child and the subsequent time spent at home, perspectives shifted for Alcazar. “My 2nd daughter was premature, and I stayed home with her for almost two years. It changed my perspective on everything. You realize that there are things so much more important than your career. I had registered for a Mother’s Day Out, and walked into Dave’s place and he had clients everywhere and he had no help. I asked him where his help was, and he said he was on his own. I walked behind the counter and just started helping people, and that’s how it all started. After a half hour of doing this he says ‘Sit down – are you ready to come work for me yet?’
He said that he knew he couldn’t afford me, but I said that I’m at a stage in life where that doesn’t matter, but that I needed flexible hours, and he agreed without question.”

And with that, Alcazar’s long journey with Morrell Jewelry officially began.  While she began as a very part-time employee, it eventually morphed into being the bookkeeper, then to full time, and now ultimately, the owner. Dave had some health troubles, and his family was in North Texas, so he passed the keys to her and said “You ARE Morrell Jewelry.” Alcazar couldn’t be more grateful. “He was the greatest person to work for ever. We are so completely blessed that he had faith that I could take over and continue where he left out, so much so that he let me keep the name.  I had been running it without him for a few years, so I have been quite involved for a long time.”

However, Alcazar’s new adventure had a bumpy start. She explains, “On May 15 of last year, the store flooded. 12 inches of water. We were displaced for two and a half months. Our customers were freaking out and made sure that we did repairs like crazy just to help keep us in business. It was such a miracle that we survived that flood. In talking to Dave about it, he gave us the best adivice: You and Mark have turned that store completely around. It used to be all repair…but over time I added little bits of inventory. Eventually we were a full retail shop along with the repairs. So he encouraged me to find a spot, re-establish ourselves. So we got back in the space and moved to our new location. Then on January 16 of this year we were burglarized. It was devastating. It crippled us.  They completely wiped me out. We were in the middle of remodeling our new location, and we were all set up to be debt free moving into our new place. I eventually dusted myself off, and this place was the vision. We have great vendors, and they gave us great terms on our new inventory and we were able to rebuild yet again.”

Since then, Alcazar has focused on not only holding true to the original values of Morrell Jewelry, but growing and reaching more customers that can become part of “the family.” “We have never lost our small town charm. I don’t care what size your purchase is, you’re going to get the same service and I have always kept those principles. My favorite part, though, is that I’m a people person and I like to know their stories because it helps me provide them with the perfect piece of jewelry.  I also love taking their unwanted jewelry and turning it into a piece of art that they want to wear every day. The look on their faces is what I love the most.  We have generations of customers – we start off with grandparents, and then down the family tree.  I have held babies that have come back for their engagement rings. It’s so wonderful. It’s such a reward to be part of people’s lives like that.”


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