Old Timer – November 2016

I’m writing this little column in late October, and that means that the Presidential election is in just a few days.

I am extremely happy (as I’m sure many of you are) that this sad chapter in American history is closing, as the campaign was one of the biggest circuses to watch.  We’re probably faced with electing two of the least qualified people to be charged with the overall direction of this great country, and so in some ways this impending election feels like watching two train locomotives crash into each other in slow motion.

By the time you read this, odds are that you know the outcome of the election. One of two things is happening: you are relieved and cautiously optimistic of what the next 4 years will bring, OR you are building a stockpile of firearms to fight off the impending Civil War. Because of this, there is absolutely no way I feel like even talking about our local City government shenanigans (of which there are many).

So we’re going to talk about food. Yep, FOOD. Why not? It’s November and that means Thanksgiving, so you lucky souls out there are going to be treated to some of my favorite family recipes from years past. So while you’re either leveling your picture of Hillary that you are hanging over the mantel, or are cleaning your guns as fast as you can, kick back and give one of these recipes a shot.

Hang in there – regardless, it’s going to be a wild 4 years.




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