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Sometimes I just drive around town and mutter questions at myself. Why are they doing that? Who the hell thought up this brilliant idea? Have we fully become Stone Oak yet? Regardless, I just make observations and either chuckle to myself at the craziness of it all, or shake my head in frustration. Sometimes I even applaud things, such as the new Veterans Park, but those things are rare for this administration. Anyway, what follows are the past few weeks’ observations about the this-and-that going on around town.

What the hell is going on with the new Bush’s Chicken out on 46E?
I’ve got my eye on ‘em. Construction seemed to be rumbling along, but now it has slowed to a halt. I had a dream the other night that they covered the whole building upon completion and the owner had a big ceremony and yanked off the tarp…the whole town gasped as we looked at our new Hooters. It was all a decoy.

The exit at 46/I-10… umm… what the hell?
Construction began to fix this exit that backs up pretty bad at times. Then TxDot got pissed at the contractors for going too slow and fired ‘em. Then they kinda moseyed around until they found a new contractor and I suppose work is slated to re-start soon. The problem? While they were digging around for a new contractor, TxDot unveiled all new bridge plans that will now require it all to be torn up and rebuilt…again. Shovel-ready jobs, baby.

Walgreens put the hammer down on the old Valero at Bandera/Main.
They knocked that sucker over and are just turning it into a parking lot. Sigh. Such a missed opportunity. A true “gateway” intersection in our town and instead of having something inviting and interesting…we get a parking lot. I know that Walgreens owned it and can do what they want….but jeez….if only P/Z could have addressed this a long time ago, we might not be constantly under the thumb of developers.

Why in the world do we not have a Boerne Museum?
Boerne has some amazing history. The stories behind this area are truly fascinating, yet we have failed to devote any importance behind celebrating this history in a town that truly thrives on tourism? What gives? There’s a nice giant lot right on River Rd right now that would be PERFECT for a museum. Pet a duck, and then go inside and learn something new.

Speaking of history, if you’re not reading Marjorie Hagy’s HISTORY articles in this very publication, you’re missing out.

Toll roads on I-10? Surely ye jest?
Unfortunately I’m not. Yes, our city government leaders are actively campaigning to have toll roads added to I-10. Upon hearing this, I had to laugh when I realized that it means that upon completion of the massive logjam that their construction has caused, they would then tear it up so they could add toll roads. Fellow Old Timers might remember: there was continuous construction on I-10 just south of 1604 to 410 for the past 30 years. I’m afraid they have simply moved up the road a bit and we’re now entering a GENERATION of construction.

$chultz’s dream office vs. School-children safety?

Apparently we have the money to build the new City Hall. Well, not really, as we’re happily going to go into multi-million dollar debt over it, but it’s important so we’re going to do it. What about sidewalks for schoolchildren to walk to school on School Street? Oh, that requires a new bond to fund that type of project and requires a tax increase. Are we clear yet where the priorities are?

That’s it for this month.

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