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Adrienne Ehler, owner of the Ninth House Collection, has taken what began as a simple hobby and turned it into a passion. Her jewelry and bracelets have been shipped all over the world, and she has taken a simple “moment of curiosity” with jewelry creation, and found a much deeper calling.

Ehler, originally from Cameron (outside of Waco), always had a bit of a knack for art and it manifested itself early. She begins, “We grew up out in the middle of nowhere and we had a ranch and so my sister and I had to learn how to entertain ourselves. I had always had a hobby, and I got into drawing and painting. I had always thought that it would be cool to move into actual jewelry creation but then real life happened and I just continued to do it as a hobby.”

Following a tenure at UT that earned her a degree in Advertising, Ehler ultimately landed employment with Flying Circle Bags here in Boerne doing everything from website work to graphic design to photography. However, the “itch” for jewelry creation remained, and slowly became a reality.

Ehler began working on her own brand of leather jewelry, and the results were mixed at first. “I was just shopping one day and came across some leather bracelets and I really liked them, but they were too big for me. I went into a craft store one day and found the supplies to do the leather work and began playing around with it and figuring out how the tools worked. Some were nice, and I’d give them to friends, and some were trash quite honestly.”

But despite the mixed results, Ehler continued honing her craft, and began to focus on the exposure of her works and finding her niche. “I saw some Instagram friends on social media that were growing large followings with their creations, and I began to pay attention. I studied the marketing, and I saw that it could resonate with other people and I could make the world a little more beautiful with my works.”

Once she put on her marketing hat, Ehler truly did work to make the world a little more beautiful with her works. As she focused on the creation, she also discovered a spiritual element to her art that made the creation even that much more profound for her. “One of my other past times is spirituality and reading and learning about everything I can. I had a book about astrology and began to learn what I could about it, and I learned that I had a lot of things going on in “The Ninth House”. Each house has a lot of different meanings….and each has a domain over a few of the qualities of life. Spirituality, travel, and philosophy makes up the Ninth House. Being able to make something out of a blank piece of leather and I can enter into a different state of mind and I’m peaceful. I’m trying to build upon my knowledge and skills all the time, and I’ve learned a lot about the creation process. ‘Travel’ is that I yearn to be able to travel and share my works with others and when I mail a piece across the world is hugely powerful to me…and I find great satisfaction in that.”

As she has refined her craft, she has also grown her brand. Now carried across multiple stores in multiple states, Ninth House Collection has taken on a bit of a life of its own. “I’ve sold to multiple countries, and I’ve now gotten a few wholesalers that are carrying my stuff. I’m coming up with this stuff with my own two hands, and my inspiration, and so the time necessary has been a challenge as I have a full time job. I’m carried in Portland and one in Louisiana…and am featured on multiple sites for ecommerce purchases. On the retail side, I get lots of requests from Instagram and Etsy and via my own site. (

As is always the vocation of creation, Ehler continues to work on her art and find the focus to find a larger audience. And while the business and sales might happen, in the end, it’s ultimately the creation itself that keeps her motivated. “I like doing it all. I think that just the best part is that I don’t necessarily sit down and have a task I have to do…but if I can just sit down and think of something new and sometimes I don’t know what I want to do until I get started. Starting with a blank canvas is always fun, and being able to simply create for the sake of creation is the most fun.”
Locally shown at Hamilton & Co Fine Salons
21715 IH-10W – Ste 108
San Antonio, Texas 78257


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