Old Timer

Old Timer, 17 Herff is looking like it’s going to happen. I’m confused. What changed? It got shot down, but now they’re back and it appears that it’s going to get approved. Huh?
Haha, simpleton. Of COURSE it’s going to get approved. It was ALWAYS going to get approved, and I’m disappointed that you expected anything less. That developer retreated, rebranded the name, the logo, and the whole message…and then re-presented it to City Council. With the most nominal of changes, City Council fell all over themselves to approve it (it has one more reading before it’s final approval). The City wanted it the entire time, but you danged citizens threw such a stink about it, they had to vote against it the first time. Now that you’re all asleep and distracted with Christmas, that sucker will get rubber stamped so fast it’ll make your head spin. Ta-da!

Seriously? Don’t feed the ducks bread? What the hell?
You must be talking about those stupid signs posted along the Cibolo about not feeding the ducks bread. Yes, it’s stupid. My favorite part is the statue of the two kids that the City erected of them feeding the ducks….bread.  Whatever. Don’t ever bring up ducks to me. I wish the City would declare open season on them and we could feed the homeless.

Old Timer – I’m just curious – did you do any hunting this year?
I chuckle when people call the modern iteration of sitting in a deer blind “hunting”. You set up a feeder, sit in a warm deer blind complete with Bluetooth, and then wait to blast Bambi. Pfft. When you jump out of a tree with a knife between your teeth and kill your deer, we’ll call it hunting. Until then, we’ll call it target practice. So to answer your question, no.

Old Timer, let’s hang out. Where might I go that I’d bump into you? I’d love to buy you a beer.
Yeah, I don’t think so. This stupid article has pissed off so many people that I’m pretty wary of anyone that says they want to “hang out”. That said, if you DO run into me at the local watering hole, simply deliver 3 beers to me, shake my hand and walk away. No talking. It’ll be understood.

Tell me something GOOD that’s going on in town, you negative sonofabitch.
Salvador Dobbs. The new bar going in next to Little Gretel. A proper place to have a proper martini sounds about right for this German town.  I’m looking forward to it. Feel better?


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