Giddens Predictions for 2018

It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since my last predictions. As I sat down I realized the one thing missing was the Golgg. Gloog is a power mulled sweedish liquor concocted by Carola (CAT) Turner, who passed away earlier this year. So the big question remains will the predictions even be close to previous years.

Not to worry a local friend in Boerne had the solution. He brought over a 190 proof apple pie mason liquid that taste like cool-aide. So I am pouring my first glass and as the track announcer says at Evangeline Downs…..Il Son Parti

Oklahoma plays Alabama in the National Championship. There are only two things in Oklahoma..steers and oh, you can’t say that anymore….OU 27 Bama 20.. Saban fakes a 24 yard game winning field goal that is intercepted for a touchdown.

Spurs acquire Anthony Davis from the Pelicans for a first and second round draft pick

Mission Pharmacal gives every employee $5,000 bonus due to Tax Cut…Geaux Trump

Boerne Resident makes offer for the Carolina Panthers which turns into a bidding war against P. Diddy Widdy Combs. Panther sell for $325 Million and new Boerne Owner plans move to San Antonio. New stadium slated for IH 10/1604 corridor says Judge Wolff.

Saints beat Patriots in Super Bowl…Colin Kapernick sings the National Anthem. Alivn Kamera MVP. Champion Chargers Football Team gets 20 new players under 5’ 10.

Boerne Animal Shelter puppy wins Puppy Bowl…. Shelter given $200,000 for new facility.

Several upsets in local political races

Cahoon beats Palmer

Tipton beats Hudson

Final Four San Antonio Duke, South Dakota State, Minnesota and Kansas…Jack Rabbits upset Duke in Finals.. Blue Devil Mascot arrested swimming in the River Walk….Mark Cuban and Charles Barkley banned from San Antonio

Tiger Woods wins Masters…John Daley misses 12 inch put on 18 to tie…Daley throws his putter 120 feet into the crowd… Guess who catches it? I trade Daley a Mason Jar of the Moonshine for the rest of his clubs.

Daley arrested for DWI, Moonshine operation in Georgia busted.

Wolff vs. Giddens Family Softball matched televised by ESPN 4..Gary Wolff hits inside the park walk off Home Run…. Pete F. taken to the emergency room for wasp stings because Garrison G. threw helmet in the dugout and hit the wasp nest.

Georgia Moonshine Operation flees and opens Daiquiri Shop Drive through in NOBO. .. Chief of Police contest open container law to halt operations….Attorneys claims paper still on straw and wins case…

Local Champion High Golfer Harrison H. qualifies for the US Open….I am named as Caddy..

Local business man Bill Elliot wins the Kentucky Derby with filly Bobbed Tail. Tail beats the Boys by 6 lengths. Al Franken photo bombed winning owner picture and says his hand on the horse was just a joke. Female Jockey right cross lands Franken in the Mental Hospital.

Roger Goodell steps down as NFL Commish, Ron Bowman retires as City Manager and accepts position.

FAA closes Boerne Airport for too many privates planes trying to leave for the Preakness that Bobbed Tail wins by a nose…

Spurs win 6th Championship over Cleveland….Tony Parker MVP…Eva Longoria gets divorce and announces wedding plans with Parker.

Local Golfer leads US Open after first Round at under…Caddy miscalculates yardage on 18 and hits CBS booth but ricochets off the tower and in the hole.

Twin Peaks breaks ground for new establishment in NOBO, two days later All Stars announces new men’s club in SOBO.

Bobbed Tail loses Triple Crown.. Buccees buys filley for 10 million dollars…new ad campaign showing the Beaver and Bobbed Tail go up across the South.

Cibolo Dinner Cruises opens on River Road. Company a huge success and file a petition to allow slot machines which City Council approves.

Rock and Bowl announces SoBo location. Local drummer from Aerosmith to own and operate. Charity concert planned to raise money to help finish I10 construction disaster.

Boerne residents hit with across the board car insurance increase due to the number of accidents up 430% in 2017. City lowers all speed limits in town. New traffic Light planned for Ammann Road and Hwy 46

Boerne ISD Superintendant announces School will start after Labor Day and end Memorial Day weekend, 3rd glass of moonshine kicking in…cant sem to spel anything or spel check either

Boerne local hits $275 million Powerball and donates all the money equally to local church’s.. Cornerstone Church buys 50 acres next to All Stars.

Champion Charges and Boerne High play Charity Scrimmage to raise money for Wounded Warriors. Trump helicopters into parking lot.

Mueller gives up on Collusion Investigation on Trump.. Mueller team caught smashing cell phones with hammers after a second server is found in Al Frankens mistress apartment in Minnesota…Super Bowl officials deny paying for hotel…Bowman opens investigation

River Boat Cruise Boat sinks in Cibolo due to weight of slot machines

Boerne Moonshiners open distillerty off Ammann Road

Key to the Hills Car Show breaks attendance record…Temp hits 22 degrees and snow blankets Boerne.

Al Gore states Boerne could flood due to Climate Change from too many cars being started at one time..

Local resident catches 14 foot anaconda in Cibolo…put on display at Cibolo Nature Center

Local Architect reveals plans for light Rail System from Boerne to Austin, Boerne petitions state to name the Rail Moonshine Express.

Six Flags awarded contract to begin construction.

Acme Oyster Bar opens next to Ferrari Dealership in abandoned Building, Quarter Beer and Oysters on Tuesday Night… My neighbor Brian F. awarded Tuesday Night Bartender Job. Acme pays my wife $200,000 for Seafood Gumbo Recipe. Pappadeaux’s forced to close

Christmas Parade in Boerne announces VP Mike Pence as honorary Guest to ride in the first float…Trump announces he will step down and not run for a second term.

Hillary found guilty of Collusion with Russians. Putin travels to Boerne to try Moonshine.

Local Shops and Restaurant Owners have record Sales in 4th Quarter..

City states local population is now 23,000

Four lane Road planned to Tapatio that opens state of the art Clubhouse and Golf Facility. Jimmy Walker accepts job as Pro.

Merry Christmas !


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