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If you’ve ever met Jason Brown, Lead Pastor of 1910 Church in Boerne, you would say that he has ENERGY. From his animated demeanor to his impassioned sermons at the fast-growing church, you will rarely catch him not with a smile on his face and with his arms waving this way and that. This energy has allowed him to found and grow one of the area’s larger churches, and lead a congregation with a passion that is infectious and captivating. His story of finding a leadership position in the church is one that takes him to various locations across the country, and required courage, conviction, and this passion that drives his daily pursuits.

Early on, Brown has been involved in the church, and according to him, he’d have it no other way. “My Dad was a pastor and my brother is a pastor. Church is all I’ve known. My church experiences have been great. It was a fun place as a kid and I grew up with a very healthy view of the church and I know that not everybody holds to that, because I think the church can hurt people, and I know that it doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to do. But I was at the church 5 nights a week and there’s been so many things since those days that fights for our time and the church isn’t the prominent gathering place that it was once.”

While Brown spent much of his time in the church, he has also had the typical athletic pursuits of many young men, and excelled in both baseball and football. This success enabled him to have a serious look at possibly playing professionally after college, so as the time came for his choice of university, Brown had much to consider. “I was an athlete in a major way. I had an opportunity to go to a lot of different schools to play football or baseball. I chose baseball because I figured my career could last a lot longer. At the same time, I had felt a call to some sort of Christian service. If I had my way, I figured I would be a pro athlete, and I figured I’d be kind of like Tim Tebow and help out with guest speaking here and there.”

Ultimately enrolling at Dallas Baptist University, a school with a very successful baseball program, Brown majored in Christian Ministry and quickly began to feel pulled in different directions away from his athletic endeavors. “I had a great freshmen year, and I had a crummy sophomore year. I was approached to be on a Youth Led Revival team so there were 5 of us guys and we spent the summer of ‘90 in Amarillo, Texas for 10 weeks. Each week we were in a different church working with the students. I was a part of that and it probably didn’t sit well with my coach because I should have been training, but I just felt that it was what God wanted me to do. While I was doing this revival team, the Lord showed me how He wanted to use me in a local church.”

As Brown had the opportunity to actually get drafted into professional sports, “one of the churches asked me to come on staff as the Youth and Music Director. After much prayer, I went back to school and relinquished my scholarship. I married Angie the next fall. This little church was all of 150 strong and I started there on September 10, 1990.”

Brown put school on hold for a while working at his new position, and after moving back to the Dallas area, completed his classes in 1998 while working at other churches in the area. From there, he was given another opportunity, this time in Colorado. “I was working at a church in Downtown Denver which was a real change for me. I’m from little towns and it was a lot of culture shock to be where we were. I was a minority spiritually. I’m competing with the mountains and a Mother Earth type of mentality. You think Austin is weird? Try Colorado on for size sometime. I had to grow in my faith during that time, and luckily I did.”

Via one of his college friends, Brown and wife Angie were invited to come to Boerne in 2003 as the Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church, an offer that they quickly accepted. “I started and pastored their Contemporary Service, which was a new thing for them. When Bubba (previous Sr Pastor) left, our Contemporary service was picking up, but when he left they put the brakes on me pastoring that service. For a year I think that God created and showed me how to grow and plant something and start from scratch. I was learning the community and what people wanted and I just felt like God was calling me to pastor a church. I prayed with the pastors at FBC and I’m getting my resume together to go pastor a church somewhere. But I was getting connected to this community and it’s my size and I’m just loving the area, and I found that I was really connecting here. So they asked if I’d like to found a new church, and I enthusiastically agreed, but I said I didn’t want them to tell me how to do it. And God bless them, they said “Go do it.” So I did.”

From then, 1910 Church was born. Originally having services at Boerne Middle School North, the church outgrew the facilities and moved to Champion High School in 2009. In 2013, the church moved to their permanent location on Sisterdale Highway just north of town. With 3 full services each Sunday morning, the growth has been overwhelming at times, but welcomed. Brown continues, “Comfort and Kerrville are asking for something like we’ve done. I have inquiries from people in Canada. Minnesota. Asking to see if it can be transplanted there. It’s been so much fun. Our church is just that I hope you just feel loved and accepted – my junk is as bad as yours, I promise. We’re all struggling with something. Mine might be an addiction. Integrity. Honesty. We all have sins, and we just try to welcome them where they are at and love them through their current situation.”

From his aspirations of Major League Baseball success, to pastoring a church in Boerne, Texas, Jason Brown is left to pursue his life in the way he often says God intended: “Let’s live bright eyed and bushy tailed!” That love of both life and people is evident in his sermons as well as his daily life. “There’s a lot of heartache and pain with what I do…but I just love PEOPLE. I want to see people and I want to see them live the life that they are created to live. Our world tells you what your life should look like, and it’s just not real. Our Word shows you what that life should look like, and I want to show people what that life can look like. I could have made a lot more money playing MLB, or maybe I would have torn my elbows up and it would have been over. But I can tell you that it wouldn’t have been as much fun as what I get to do everyday. And I mean that.”


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