Famous Last Words – Spring Break Edition

Spring Break. If you can remember the memories you made then you’re already ahead of the game.

“Let’s enjoy the first few days of spring sitting in a windowless bar watching March Madness.”

“My God – Spring Break 1993. There are so many stories I could share with you if only I could remember a single one of them.”

“College is funny.  We really need a break from the constant drinking and reckless sex on campus, so we run down to Padre and drink even harder. And yes, have lots of sex. Man, those were fun days.”

“I’m 38 years old, so a crazy Spring Break is not in the cards for me anymore.  However, in honor of thousands of co-eds running to the beach right now in their bikinis, I shall crush this beer on my forehead at 10:30am in honor of them all.”

“If they had Facebook when I was in college, my Spring Break photos would eliminate me from every job I’ve ever had. I was VERY lucky to grow up without social media.  Me puking over a balcony was funny the moment it happened, but I can’t believe kids nowadays can post that picture so that every future employer can find it. No thanks.”

“Where are my pants!”

“Before college, Spring Break was vacation time with the parents. In college it was vacation time with your friends, their friends and everyone else this side of the Mississippi. Now, the boss laughs when asked if I can take off Spring Break week. I miss it so much. Hell, I’d even take vacation time with the parents now. It’s better than nothing.”

“If you can remember your Spring Break, you probably didn’t try hard enough.”

“The professor who gives an assignment due the week after Spring Break, and expects it to be turned in, has absolutely zero grasp on reality.”

“White t-shirts and water go together like… like… I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“If my parents only knew about half the stuff that went on during my Spring Breaks they’d probably have shipped me off to some Franciscan monastery in Siberia to atone for my actions.”


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