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Old Timer

We’re going to talk about one of the most controversial topics in all of Boerne. One that separates people, has led to gunfights, and has almost torn the entire town apart. Gateway Loop? Growth? $chultz’s beard? Nah. We’re going to talk about the River Road Park and Old Timer’s demands for how to fix things…


Day Trips – June 2013

During the summer, living in Boerne gives us many opportunities to partake in activities involving water. We live near several lakes and are a short three hour drive to the coast. But one of the most popular summer water activities is jumping in a tube and floating down a Texas river. To help you navigate…


Old Timer – September 2012

As a helpful resource to the many citizens of Kendall County, we have sought the sage advice of our favorite crotchety old timer, known affectionately as (you guessed it) Old Timer. Each month he’ll tackle the most important issues that you (dear reader) send to him, and he’ll do so in the most polite, thoughtful,…

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