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EXPLORE magazine is Boerne’s most widely-read monthly magazine.  No other magazine boasts the readership, the distribution, the web-presence, or the variety of EXPLORE.

Advertisers in virtually every industry have enjoyed tremendous response in EXPLORE.  Currently, our “Re-Up Rate” (advertisers that have fulfilled their contract and choose to renew) is at almost 90%.  This is virtually unheard of in the publishing industry.  It is great evidence of the response that advertisers experience with EXPLORE.

What do we owe the success?  Easy: THE CONTENT.

Most publishers run under the philosophy of “Sell the space, and then fill what’s left with content.”  We do the opposite.  We fill the magazine with the best content we can produce, and then we know that people will want to read it.  When you have very strong readership, advertisers will follow.  We suppose this is against the grain thinking, but we read magazines, too.  And we don’t feel like flipping through dozens of ads in the hunt for a good article.  We want to read good articles, and occassionally see a professionally designed advertisement.  THAT’s how we do it.

We could go on and on, but instead, if you’re interested in EXPLORE magazine, or if you’ve got questions, let’s TALK.  Give us a call at 210-507-5250 and we’ll show you how to create a marketing campaign that will exceed your expectations.


Please watch our EXPLORE commercial below:

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