An Inconvenient Moment of Truth

Sitting in traffic can be a real bummer…watching the clock quickly tick by on your precious time, as you agonizingly wait for the arrival at your preferred destination. For Bill Morgan, a dreaded commute home in traffic was the beginning of his Moment of Truth.

Bill…a successful business man, former pro baseball player, husband, and father… truly had it all. As a self- proclaimed ‘winning addict’, he had life by the horns. He woke up each day with the agenda to kick butt and take names in the business world, and he was doing just that. Commuting to San Antonio from his gorgeous home in quaint Boerne was just about the most unproductive part of his day.

Until the day it wasn’t.

Sometimes God whispers to us quietly almost giving us the opportunity to ignore if we choose. But, sometimes He speaks loudly enough to rattle us and get our attention in a way there is no denying. In this moment of traffic, God provided the most uncomfortable moment of truth that would change every minute of the rest of Bill’s life. It’s hard to know exactly what God is asking from you sometimes, but if you listen carefully, He will provide all those details. 

Here’s the thing: Bill, like the rest of us, was sure that if he just waited it out, God would politely and calmly show him the way. Instead, God awoke him in the middle of the night with a not so subtle reminder of what he had nudged him towards in traffic just a few weeks before. Bill woke up with tears streaming down his face and with an uncertainty of exactly what was coming next, but with every assurance that it was going to rock his world. Within the next few months, Bill would sell his successful business, buy a church in the “hood” on the east side, and turn over his life in the most radical way to God.

Some people would say that Bill gave up everything for the “street people” on the East Side. Some people would say that he has gifted these people in the most incredible way by devoting his time, talents, love, and encouragement. Teaching them to love one another, to serve one another, have pride in the things they work for, and to be good stewards of their possessions. Giving them leadership skills, jobs, helping them earn, and allowing them to understand that they are more deserving than a handout. Some people would say that what Bill did the moment he followed God’s calling on his life is the most selfless thing they have ever seen. But, what Bill would tell you is that it is himself who has been the most richly blessed.

Bill has been freed from a bondage to the world that measures success by financial status. His eyes were opened to the most significant people he has ever encountered…the people who have nothing. Answering this command from God was inconvenient. Following this seemingly dangerous road has brought him a peace that he never thought he could experience.

He now spends his waking moments serving alongside his beautiful family in different aspects of the Moment of Truth Ministries. Whether it is at the community store where they gather items to sell at affordable prices to the community and in turn provide jobs and hope, or through mentoring programs he has developed in the “hood”, or by simple worshipping alongside his new friends on a Sunday morning at God’s House. Bill has developed something incredible by simply saying yes to something that seemed ridiculous. He now wakes up each day more excited than ever before because his own story is continuing to unfold before his eyes. He devotes his time to his friends on the east side by developing relationships and trust, and in turn God provides him with continuous teaching moments that humble him, stretch him, and grow him in ways he never thought possible. 

Sometimes the start of a path to true success is waiting for us in the most undesirable places…like traffic. 


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