An Insiders Guide To Boerne

An Insiders Guide To Boerne



Located just off Main Street, this authentic Czech and German restaurant is anchored by head chef Denise Mazal. And authentic Czech herself. Little Gretel and Chef Denise have been featured in a myriad of local and regional publications and TV spots. As well as winning several national and international awards. What’s so great about Little Gretel is that if you can’t find at least one thing on their menu you’d like to try, you might as well go home and make yourself a PB&J sandwich. Everything from Schnitzel to Bratwurst to Roast Duck to Rib Eye Steak to burgers and sandwiches. And to wash it all down they offer a wide selection of domestic and authentic beers in their Biergarten. They even offer selections from Boerne Brewery. All in an outdoor dining area where you can sit and relax in the evenings eating some good food with good people. And Little Gretel also boasts one of, if not the best Sunday brunch in the area. So don’t miss out. 518 River Rd • Boerne, TX 78006


Bums as it’s affectionately called by, locals has been serving the local masses for going on 33 years now. With no sign of stopping. Bums most popular offering and the only sandwich you should ever get there (according to our illustrious publisher) is called the Brainstorm. Get it cold, hot or double hot and your tasted buds will dance and sing you into a food induced coma. Soups and sandwiches are what made this place, but they also serve up a mean cake. The shop is connected to a cake bakery and you can watch folks decorating wedding and birthday cakes as you wait in line to order. Which you’ll be doing a lot of waiting if you don’t get there early. Bums fills up fast around lunch time so plan accordingly. You’ll be glad you did. 929 N. Main St. • Boerne, TX 78006


When I first heard about RANDOM I’ll admit, the name took a little getting used to. But once you go there it makes perfect sense. Located right beside Boerne Town Lake, RANDOM is a great place to go for an evening of family fun. We know people who go out and spend hours there just hanging out, listening to live music and enjoying some of the 80+ different beer they have on tap. No, that’s not a typo. It’s one of their claims to fame. Over 80 different beer for you to enjoy. And while you’re kicking back and having some good laughs with friends, don’t worry about your kids. RANDOM as several areas specifically for kids to play. They also boast some great food in the form of food trucks. We had pizza the last time I took the family there and it was by far the best pizza I had tasted in a LONG time. 11 Upper Cibolo Creek Rd. • Boerne, TX 78006


When you look up the definition of General Store, there’s a picture of Bergheim General Store. This place has been around for years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The quintessential general store this place sells just about everything. Blue jeans next to produce. Bubble gum and bullets. Hay and beer. Basically, everything a true Texan needs, you’ll find it here. Located approximately 11 miles East on Hwy. 46, stop in and say hi on your way out of town. 843 State Highway 46 E • Bergheim, Texas 78004


The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm is located about two miles from Main Street on Hwy. 46 East. It’s actually a pretty popular destination spot for people who like get out and experience some nature in their own back yard. But if you’re not familiar with the area, you’re probably going to miss it. It’s just a little bit outside of town so you’re not going to come across it if you’re walking and shopping Main Street. But it’s worth the detour. The CNC&F is a nature preserve that attracts all kinds of people from families out for a nature hike to volunteer scientists. The Nature Center offers classes, volunteer opportunities, children’s enrichment programs and a lot more. They’re a non-profit organization so they’re always appreciative to receive donations from folks who want to help. 140 City Park Rd, Boerne, TX 78006


A few miles past Boerne on I-10 is the little town of Welfare. There isn’t much there and it’s easy to miss, even if you’re looking. When you do find it, you’ll probably wonder if you missed a turn somewhere. Surely this place that looks like a stiff breeze will blow it over can be the destination. Don’t worry, it’s all part of their plan. Welfare Cafe may look unassuming from the outside, but what it may not have in curb appeal, it makes up for on your plate. There aren’t very many places in the area you can go for a five star meal in what first appears to be a shack in the middle of the Hill Country. Welfare Cafe is extremely popular with the locals and they strongly suggest reservations. Yeah, this place, it what might as well be the middle of nowhere. It’s just one of the many gems the area has to offer. 223 Waring Welfare Rd. • Welfare, Texas 78006


Comfort has the unfortunate reputation of not really being a destination spot. It’s that place you drive through on your way to Kerrville or Fredericksburg. But if you do, you’re really missing out. Comfort boasts quite a hip and trendy shopping district called the High Street District. It makes sense when you remember that Comfort was once a bastion for “fee thinkers” in the area. Quaint yet upscale retail shops next to restaurants offering some pretty high class dining. The word is getting around about the area so you should make your way up there sooner or later. High Street • Comfort, TX 78013


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