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With previous careers in retail store ownership and real estate investing, one shouldn’t be surprised that Andi Weekley is now the owner of Agave Wellness Studio here in town. Struggling with grief, stress, and anxiety, Weekley basically crawled her way to her first yoga class, and has been hooked ever since.

Weekley begins, “I used to be co-owner of Calamity Jane’s on Main Street. I loved it, but with a young family, I left that and spent the next 10 years just being Mom to my sons, Brady and Blake.” Along with her husband Mark, Andi enjoyed real estate investing and flipping houses and found she had a real knack for it. However, 3 years ago on a routine trip to Telluride, things would change for her.

“3 years ago in August I was in Telluride and my sister in law passed away suddenly.  Obviously, it was awful. We flew home for a bit and I quickly went back with 2 of my nieces to help out for a bit. I couldn’t sleep. I was just riddled with anxiety and worry. I ran into a woman that was a yoga instructor and I asked if she could teach my nieces and I yoga. We did it and I left there with such peace and I could sleep and I thought ‘I have to figure out how to teach this to other people.’ I had my certification the following year.”

But gaining certification was a twisting road for Weekley as she sought a particular “kind” of yoga certification. She continues, “I wanted to find a Christian yoga instructor to teach me. I called around and couldn’t find anyone.  I forget where I was, but I found a business card for someone highlighting Christian Yoga, so I ultimately got certified through her. Since then, it’s simply been amazing. A lot of people have a major reality check after yoga because it’s the first time in a long time they’ve had a mind/body/soul presence, and yoga really does help with diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, inflammation, everything . I simply love that I actually have a job that helps people, and I take great pride in that.”

With her certifications in place, Weekley took her real estate experience and immediately struck out to find her own studio. “My girlfriend told me about this place (121 Rosewood Ave) and I bought it. I then completely remodeled the entire thing. To say it’s been a lot of work is an understatement, but it’s done and I’m super proud of it.”

As for “Christian Yoga”, Weekley explains, “I’ve done Bible Study Fellowship for 7 or 8 years and I went to a biblical college but I’m not the perfect Christian, nor am I trying to be. People connect with me in yoga because I’m not traditional. A lot of people that start with me that have never been into yoga and I have developed my own version of yoga that is not as “normal” as a lot of people might have experienced. And while I use the words “Christian Yoga”, I want people to know that I’m not preaching to anyone. At the end of each session, we read a devotional and if there are some folks that are battling something in particular, I pray for those. I simply thank God for the space, the time, our children, and to help us be better than yesterday – then we move through some of the requests. It’s probably the only time that some get a devotional throughout the day and I pray that it resonates with them. This is not MY studio – it’s a God thing. It’s not through me, it’s through Him, so I know that it will be successful.”

That success is obviously Weekley’s goal, but the end goal of what she calls success isn’t simply monetary. “Yoga Nidra is a part of our practice where I start with saying that you should focus on your knees, ankles, thighs, etc…it walks you through this relaxation and by the time they stand up they are jello. I talk with them about their intention for the day? Grace? Gratitude? Peace? Discipline? So throughout the pose, we talk about focusing on the intention as opposed to the pose. I ask them about what feeling do you get from that word? What action? When they’re mindlessly driving, they remember that I’m focusing on peace or discipline today and that is the part of yoga that I just love. It’s physical, but I just love working with people on their emotional health, mental health, and ultimately their spiritual health. That’s my real reward from this and the part that keeps me the most motivated.”


121 Rosewood Ave.
Boerne, TX 78006


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