Art – Painted Memories – July 2012

By Leah Bredemeyer


Many greats have created masterpieces in the art world – Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Monet. All of them had to start out somewhere. Recently the residents at Town and Country Manor have been given the opportunity to start painting. Thanks to the Town and Country Manor Activities Director and Volunteer Coordinator Rosie Avila and Rene Curtis, LVN, Account Executive with Texas Home Health, the residents have been able to create their own masterpieces. Meeting in the cafeteria, they hand out canvas, plates of paint and brushes and encourage the residents to paint what they envision in their head. What may seem an easy task can be quite hard for these artists – most have suffered a stroke, dementia or other health problems.


It has been proven that arts have improved students in school – keeping them out of trouble and providing an outlet for creativity. It is no different in Town and Country Manor – maybe not keeping them out of trouble, but giving them a creative outlet for sure. Take Howard Coulter, he came to Town and Country Manor with a feeding tube and was wheelchair bound. After therapy and having the ambition to get better, he is now part of the painting crew. Now he is able to put paint on canvas and share his stories from his past like how he was a sign painter and art teacher.


While watching one of their meetings, I got to see each resident create their own masterpiece. No matter what has happened, these artists are still painting what they see and is truly an inspiration for me to always keep creating. Coming up on July 11th, you can see these moving paintings in person. They will be featured in the upcoming Painted Memories Art Show from 5pm-7pm at the Boerne Wine Company. They may not be by Michelangelo, but they are inspiring all the same.


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