Cibolo Nature Center

Save the Cibolo!

Can We Save Our Cibolo?   Imagine a day when our Cibolo Creek is no longer a place where children can play, and its banks are lined with signs warning against fishing. Imagine a silent Cibolo, for when the crawdads, minnows and tiny creatures disappear, so do the fish, and birds. Gone are the playful…


Living History

Captain Ralph Lay adjusts his frock coat and looks at his surroundings. His canvas tent is holding up nicely against the constant onslaught of the vicious wind. His companion sits near the camp fire, eyes squinted, focusing on readying their noon meal. It has been a long day already. Setting up this camp has been…


Cibolo Nature – January 2013

EVENTS Every Saturday in January Farmers Market at the Cibolo, 33 Herff Road, Boerne 9:00-1:00pm (Winter Hours) The Farmers Market at the Cibolo features locally produced, high-quality organic or natural foods and products such as vegetables and fruits, heritage lamb, pork, farm-fresh eggs, exclusively created baked goods, artisan chocolates, edible ornamental plants and organic gardening…

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