Survivor’s Story

– By Casey Bonham Growing up in a small town where everyone knows your Mom and being the oldest of 3 sisters can have its’ diabolic obstacles. Little did Shanon Collins know, her journey from a youngster in Boerne to a mother, wife and ultimate survivor would be filled with unimaginable consequences. “I had a…


Swan Song

It is difficult to have an original thought, idea, or theory. Conventional wisdom says that very few people ever think about anything deeper than what they are going to wear or that which their job requires. In spite of that I have found that almost every time I think I have an original answer to…


The Ancient Scourge

Original Print Date: February 2015 If you’ve never heard of a book called Historic Images of Boerne but you don’t actually own it, then I think you should put this magazine down and go buy yourself a copy immediately. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Welcome back. That book you just purchased is an invaluable, encyclopedic resource…


Boerne Heroes

Original Print Date: March 2013 From those who battled during WWII to those who served in more recent wars such as Iraq,we wanted to honor and recognized some of our local veterans. These men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice by fighting for our country and we wanted to get to know them a little…


Drive With Steve Tye

The trademark philosophy of Tye’s Driving School is that, sometimes, being successful means being different. Last November, Steve Tye, who is primary driving instructor and owner of the business, set up shop off Interstate 10 Frontage Road, just three miles down the road from Rhodes Driving School. In most scenarios, two companies running the same…

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