John Bennett: Romancing The West

In a luxuriantly landscaped yard next to a charming 1880’s Sunday House in Fredericksburg stands a bronze statue of Annie Oakley kneeling beside her cherished dog, Dave. Surrounded by thick foliage and towering trees, an old cedar pavilion behind her provides an authentic rustic touch to the life-sized sculpture of the famous cowgirl. Created by…



We work almost exclusively with local small businesses in EXPLORE. These are our neighbors, our friends, and our kids play soccer together. There have been other “BEST OF” type contests, but because of the voting mechanisms, the results were frequently cast into a questionable light. So after much planning and tech planning, we have launched…


Old Timer – August 2019

Mobility. Traffic. God-forsaken stupid endless construction. A sea of red brake lights. All in little ol’ Boerne. Pull up a chair kiddies. Your favorite friendly Old Timer is going to fix our traffic congestion in town. I’ve grown weary of it, as I know you have as well, but I’ve got solutions. So here we…


Problem of Pain

For five and half years I ran the men’s building of a Christian homeless shelter in Fort Worth. It was quite an education. Volunteers came from every part of the spectrum. Hellfire and brimstone, spittle-projecting preachers rubbed shoulders with Unitarian Universalists who were just there because the universe told them to. Differences of opinion abounded…


The Art of Helping

There’s a tangible difference between good customer service and pure, good-hearted business. Frank Ritchie, owner of Ritchie Automotive, is the local mascot for the latter. In twelve years, his Christ-centered business has risen above the local competition by simply lending a helping hand where it is needed. As a mechanic at Boerne Collision, Frank began…


Old Timer

I talked last issue about everything from the City’s fictitious $1.6m offer to the landowners for what would become Shoreline, to my irritation at unmarked police cars. From last check, nothing has come of this, so I guess I continue my war upon the powers that be in this town until the citizenry finally gets…

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