Cibolo Nature Center – December 2012

Happy Winter!

By: Josh Zammit, Assistant Director of Children’s Education

The Winter is always my favorite time of year.

So often we hear spring touted as the season of renewal. However the case can be made that winter in Texas is more likely to possess that title. Spring is always a reminder of returning warmth of the summer. Winter though brings about something more unlikely in Texas, the return of cold or at least the possibility thereof. Smiles arise at the thought of this. A time in Texas when our sun is blanketed behind kind clouds, days that do not have temperatures that exceed 65 degrees and moments when you walk quickly through your day outdoors due to the fact that the chill invigorates. I love the winter in our part of the world and in this season of thanksgiving all I feel for the hill country is gratitude.

Gratitude is which that inspires all of us here at the nature center to share the warmth of a friend’s presence or take awe in the leaves of the cypress along the Cibolo creek as they change. Always, we hear of the renewal that is brought on by new life, but we first must be grateful for the clearing of a path for that life.

Winter sees our trees enter dominancy as they drop their old leaves, holes are dug everywhere for the collection of squirrels required acorn harvest, and the migratory birds of Texas are breathtaking. The days get shorter, we return home from our daily tasks as the sun finds its resting place each day and we find our way to the comfort of the light and warmth of the indoors.

I want to encourage you all today to enjoy the great outdoors.

In this season of Gift giving, one of the most precious things we can share is our time. Share your time with your family and find a place that inspires you; follow a creek to its end. Sit under your favorite 100 year live oak, bask in the winter sunsets of Texas that still drop jaws open no matter what stage of life you are, and feel small as a creature and large as a part of something much bigger than you.

Go on an adventure that requires you to leave technology behind, which sees the young members of your family remove their face from near contact with a screen and spot something more serene. Go therefore and multiply your experiences, your memories, and your joy.

If you need to find a place to inspire, right now at the nature center our marsh is lush and filled with life. Dragon and Damsel’s team underwater, preparing to get their wings and journey into the great unknown of their flying adult life. Children fill the trails daily with their shrieks, giggles and stories as a part of our holiday visitors. Volunteers of all ages plant for the winter and improve the grounds daily. All these events and task happen, much in the vein of a time of renewal. Our adventure began here, with a man and a woman being curious, and in that state they followed a bird as it sauntered down a creek bed. In that decision, their act leads to an impact that has changed the lives of so many, and I am grateful for that daily. I am thankful for no matter what time of year, a chance to go outside.

It is time now for your adventure to begin, who knows where it will take you, and you will succeed, 98 and ¾ percent guaranteed. Go outside, explore and play, with love and laughter in your heart have a very happy winter.



Every Saturday in December
(EXCEPT December 29th)
Farmers Market at the Cibolo, 33 Herff Road, Boerne
9:00-1:00pm (Winter Hours)
The Farmers Market at the Cibolo features locally produced, high-quality organic or natural foods and products such as vegetables and fruits, heritage lamb, pork, farm-fresh eggs, exclusively created baked goods, artisan chocolates, edible ornamental plants and organic gardening supplies – plus a demonstration organic veggie garden. Enjoy breakfast and listen to live music while you shop. Cibolo Nature Center Programs

Streamside Management
Join us for an in depth workshop about streamside management techniques that repair stream banks, reduce erosion, enhance wildlife habitat, and improve water quality. Presenter: Rufus Stephens, Bruce Cole. Time: 9-3 pm. Location: CNC Auditorium. Tuition: $30 Members, $35 Non-Members. (Includes Lunch)

Kids Club: Winter Birdfeeders!
It’s winter! Come help us make all-edible birdfeeders for your own backyard to feed all our bird friends who stick around for the winter! For ages 3 – 103. No drop-offs, please. Time: 10-11:30 am. Location: CNC Visitor Center and Back Porch. Suggested donation: $5 per family

Second Saturday Volunteer Day of Service
Won’t you consider joining us? The nature center needs your help to keep our buildings and grounds looking pristine and ready for visitors. Projects: Trail Restoration, Old Prairie Trail & Erosion Control at High Impact Area on the Creek. Time: 9-noon Location: Meet at the CNC Visitor Center

Mother Nature’s Storytime: Winter Birds!
Some birds fly to warmer places when it gets cold in the Hill Country. Other birds choose to stay right here throughout the winter. Birds, like Canadian Geese, leave the cold northern winters and come south for a visit to the Hill Country for awhile. Come on over to the nature center and learn more from Ms. Stefani about winter birds and where they call home for the winter. We can bird watch off the CNC backporch with real binoculars that are just the right size for little faces. For kids ages 3-5 and their caregivers. Time: 10-11 am CNC Visitor Center Tuition: Suggested donation $5 per family

December 22-January 6
CNC offices closed for the Holidays
Trails are open—get outside & play!
(The Pavilion restrooms will be available)


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