I Have Questions

I have questions. LOTS of questions.

In thinking about some of these questions, I put them in a list for your perusal. If you don’t have questions, but rather, have answers…I’d like to hear ‘em.

  1. If God can write on the wall (as He did in Daniel 5:5) then why didn’t He write the Bible? It says in Daniel that the hand of God appeared and wrote on the wall. If this is the case, why not just send Moses (or Adam) up onto a mountain and hand-deliver the original copy of the Bible, written directly by Him?
  2. If God can create the heavens and the earth, why take 6 days to do it? Why not just snap His fingers and cross it off the to-do list?
  3. If God can see the future, why make us at all? I mean, He knew that we were going to sin, screw up the entire Eden thing, and ultimately kill His son. I suppose it means He loves us, but I might have said “To heck with this” and gone back to whatever God did before we came along. This one really troubles me and seems contradictory. If He knew we would be a failure, why not correct the failure so that He doesn’t have to endure millennia of frustration?
  4. I wonder what God thinks of our modern churches with laser lights, smoke, and amazing video introduction pieces. It’s wearing me out. A thoughtful intelligent discussion about God is fast-becoming my go-to source of “church”. The lights and whatnot is getting tiresome.
  5. God is merciful. Yet He has created the most nightmarish, cruel, eternal place of damnation. What gives? If He loves us so much, how could He ever imagine putting us in such a place? And not for a day or a year, but for all time. I don’t know any enemies in my life (that I really don’t like) that I could justify such a punishment, but God can do it to me. Ouch.
  6. Doesn’t He just get ticked off randomly and want to show Himself for the all the world to see Him? Wars would end, violence would end, we’d all know and see God for truly what He is. Seems like a simple solution to a lot of things, but I’m also not God.
  7. If God is Jesus, and Jesus is God…why did He pray to Himself for safety before his crucifixion? Some of “The Trinity” stuff is confusing and I struggle with it. I get how God can become Jesus, but the Holy Ghost is not something I understand completely.
  8. God talks about how difficult it is for the rich to enter heaven, but then adorns heaven with gold and pearls and mansions. Seems odd. It also seems like many of the kings from the Bible grew to be very wealthy and yet were God’s greatest warriors.
  9. If heaven has no sadness or pain, how can I go to heaven and watch countless millions of people die horrible deaths and NOT be sad? This terrifies me about heaven. If I am really “watching over my loved ones” as so many say, I fear I would just go nuts trying to watch over my kids. And if their lives take bad turns, it would be excruciating not being able to help.
  10. Who made God? I know that you’re going to tell me that He has no beginning and no end, but the human mind can’t comprehend that, so I’m left imagining something even bigger than God…and that makes my head swim.

These are just off the top of my head, but they are legitimate points of confusion that I’m sure many of us experience from time to time. I share just so you know that it’s not just YOU. God is a complex topic, and not easily understood. Hang in there, learn as much as you can, and trust that you’ll never learn it all. A lot of times I just shake my head when I can’t grasp a concept about God and just think to myself “God loves me, and I just trust that it’s all going to be ok.” No, that’s not an answer to a question, but it’s also a truth, and sometimes that’s more important.


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