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We here at EXPLORE take pride in the little community we have here nestled in the Hill Country. We wanted to start the new year off with a new feature we’re calling “My Town.” In the coming months we’ll be featuring people throughout Boerne and surrounding areas who you may or may not know. While you may be familiar with their business or work, you may not know them personally. We’d like to remedy that. Enjoy!

Jana & Danny Bezet

Owners/Operators (officially President & V.P.)

Bumdoodler’s Lunch Co.  (We also have Danco Builders, my husband is a custom home builder)

October 1982

My mom was a stay at home mom with 6 children. In 1980 my oldest sister died in a car accident and my next 2 oldest siblings were hospitalized, but eventually recovered. As you could imagine the next few years were very difficult for my mother.  Bumdoodler’s was originally opened by another couple who only ran it for a few months before putting it up for sale.  Mom’s best friend saw the restaurant for sale and she immediately knew that God was at work.  It was exactly what mom needed to get her out of the house and keep her busy.  Although it took years for the business to become successful, mom’s hard work and determination kept her from giving up.  Because Bumdoodlers was founded by someone else, there have been many explanations as to how it got the name ‘Bumdoodler’s’.  For what we know it was a word that the founder often used when he couldn’t recall the name of something, similar to ‘thing-a-magig’.  We still use the original menu but have added to it.  Some people would be surprised to know that Bum’s used to serve beer and bought their bread form the Boerne Bakery in town.   Early on mom started making a couple of pies at home and bringing them in to sell by the slice, however health department regulations did not allow for that.  Eventually mom expanded and added a full scale bakery known as Gerri’s Pies.  We still make all our pies and bread from scratch there to this day.  In 2000 my mom and dad were approached by someone that wanted to buy the restaurant and were considering retiring.  It wasn’t until that time that I realized that it was my time to take it over and so in 2001 I bought Bumdoodler’s from my parents.  In September of 2010 my husband Danny and I opened a second location in Kerrville.

I was only 7 when mom bought Bumdoodler’s and so I spent quite a bit of time tagging along with her to work.  I went from being too small to see over the counter and probably always in the way to cleaning everything off the dirty tables (except for the empty beer bottles because I was too young to touch them), then wanting to help out in every part of the store to being a teenager that never wanted to be there.  In high school I let mom know that it wasn’t fair that I had to work every Saturday when my friends were out having fun and that when I was old enough I didn’t want to have anything to do with the place.  Still, my fondest memories growing up seem to involve Bumdoodler’s.

I think the community not only enjoys the made from scratch soups, pies, bread etc… But also the small town, hole in the wall feel of the place.  I think they also like the familiar faces of some of the long time employees.  For example, manager Theresa has been working there well over 20 years, assistant manager Jamie over 15 years, and many others who have been working in Bum’s kitchen for multiple years.  Most people will tell you that if you go into Bumdoodler’s often enough you will eventually be treated like part of the family.  I also know that customers like the fact that, for the most part, the old building has remained the same.

Some change is inevitable due to government regulations, higher cost, and improved technology.  But for the most part the place is basically the same.  We have added a few great menu items such as baked potatoes and tomato basil soup.

Right now we have no major changes planned for the future, and do not have plans to open any more locations at this time.  Our 3 sons, Wesley, Thomas, and Alex sometimes argue over which one will take over the stores one day.

My favorite things about having the restaurant are the relationships formed with employees and customers, and the feeling that comes when I am able to use the blessings God has given me to bless someone else.  Whether it be  by providing them with a job, making them a beautiful wedding cake, or simply putting a smile on their face with a delicious slice of cheesecake.

My least favorite things are the times when something goes wrong and a customer is unhappy or disappointed and of course taxes.

What I would like to say to Boerne is Thank you for your business.  Also thank you for telling your friends when you leave happy and for giving us a second chance when we make a mistake.


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