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Things that shall never change

There are a lot of things that I’d like to change about our area. From traffic to noise to housing developments to bone-headed decisions made by city government, my list is long. Oh yes, there are many things I’d like to see cleaned up around here.

However, as the July 4 holiday is upon us, and we take this time to reflect on our many great freedoms, I think that I will discuss a few things in town that shall NEVER change. As in: EVER. They are so crucial to the personality and lifeblood of this town, that the day that they are altered, the entire town of Boerne shall cease to be. It shall finally succumb to its cancer of “urban sprawl.”

So in no particular order:


We’re getting a new Discount Tire in town. I laughed for about 3 days when I saw the sign that it was coming soon. Someone didn’t do their market research. Every red-blooded Boerne-ite knows that there is but one place to have a flat fixed or a new set of tires installed: W&W. They’ve been around forever, they’re all local guys, the garage is spotless, and their service is beyond compare. Even if Discount Tire is less expensive, I wouldn’t set foot in it. Long live W&W.


With virtually no parking, requiring many patrons to attempt to drive through a drainage ditch in the back, and with a building that hasn’t been updated since the ‘70s, Bumdoodlers continues to churn out the finest sandwiches on earth? Subway? Pfffft. I’d much rather stumble across the drainage ditch, stand in the line that is 25 deep, and sink my teeth into a Brainstorm than set foot in Subway any day.


They (the city) just tore it down and remodeled it. And, dare I say, they did a wonderful job. The new park is inviting, respectful, and gorgeous. See? Change isn’t always a bad thing. That said, if they ever touch it again, I’ll personally hold them back with my bayonet.


oh, never mind.


Established 110 years ago, the Boerne Turn Verein hasn’t changed much since then (save for the electronic scoring system), and I’ll be damned if it changes any more. Where else can you go, down some suds in a smoke-filled bar, and let your kids play? Before we all lost our mind about everything that might kill our precious snowflakes, we actually took them to places like the bowling alley and we drank beer with our friends while our kids ran around the place. We survived. Your kids will survive, too. I promise.


I know that the business has sold, but so help me God, if the new owners do much beyond putting a new coat of paint on it….there’s a certain smell that is exclusive to Riverside. When you walk in, you could be blind-folded, and you would know exactly where you are. Their jerky is cardboard, but the smoke stained walls have been putting out some great BBQ since as far back as anyone can remember. And that better not change any time soon.


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