Old Timer – September 2017

Things that have pissed me off this month.

Did any of you even read the article from the Express News (why doesn’t our local media actually cover NEWS) that $chultz found a new way to finance his City Hall, despite the petition that would have forced it to a vote? Oh, you missed it? After candidate Schroeder got the required votes to force the City to put the City Hall proposal to an election, $chultz flipped his lid. After doing so (in open session and was recorded for posterity), he hunkered down, figured out that he could just raise taxes – and VOILA – he just financed City Hall and was able to bypass putting the project to a vote. Ta-da?

Oh, you thought that this project was dead? Nope. The developers are rebranding it “Legacy at the Cibolo”, hired a PR firm, and have made a few tweaks to the development plans. With that, they’re re-submitting it to Council, and since you’re not paying attention, it’ll pass as requested. I’ve met the developer, who seems to be a smart and genuine guy, but it’s just kinda sad that the entire populace screams to Council what they do and don’t want, and they actually won one. Only to have them get distracted and lose the war.

I loved Rockport. I have so many memories from there, and to see it utterly wiped out was tough to see. I know that hurricanes and major storms are a part of life, and I also know that the coast will rebuild. But it still pisses me off. The fact that it flooded Houston was unfortunate, but as I loathe that town, I wasn’t nearly as upset.

Boerne PD has a new Ford Explorer that you have to really stare at to understand it’s even a cop car. No lights on the hood. Barely any identifying marks. I don’t like it and think it’s a bad trend that will never stop. The purpose of the police is citizen protection, not revenue generation. Everybody with a brain knows why police departments are rolling out cars like this: so they can hide better. They need to write more tickets. Back in my day, cop cars were distinctly marked, with gigantic light bars across the top and you could spot them a mile away. THAT WAS THE POINT. They were screaming “We are here so you can see us and not break the law.” These new cars are saying “Please break the law. Mayor $chultz needs a City Hall and I need to write a ticket.”

I still hate them. But you already knew that.

I lived in Lubbock for a period, and they have a light damn near every 50 feet. Not one of them are timed. Perhaps it was the birth of my crankiness, but why do municipalities refuse to time their lights so that drivers can hit most of them on green? WHY? Hitting every light on the new Esser Road is maddening and turns a 45 second drive into a 5 minute drive. I’m old – quit stealing time from me, dammit. Time the stupid lights, please.

That’s it – now slow down, turn off that crappy music, stay off my lawn, and pull your damn pants up.


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