Spiritual – March 2017

I’ve had the flu for the past week, and let me tell ya, it’s not a bit of fun. Day after day of fevers, chills, aches, pains, and general misery. It’s been barely sleeping at night, and then wanting to sleep all day. One minute you might feel a little better, and then the next you pray to be put in a coma and simply wake when the sickness is past you.

It’s a time where you are hardly thankful for a whole lot while you endure the virus as it ravishes your body. It’s also a time where you feel pretty darn sorry for yourself, because after all, you have NOTHING to be thankful for when you’re sick, right?

This morning I awoke and have finally declared that I am free of the flu. After my week long struggle, today is the first morning where I was able to jump out of bed like normal, throw open my blinds to the bright sunshine outside and say “THANK YOU LORD!”

But what about the past week? Where was my thankfulness for each of those days that I was granted? Where was my thankfulness in the promise of healing that I knew would come (eventually), in the gift that God gave me of each of those days to even be alive?

1440 minutes per day.

86,400 seconds.

Time that I could choose to spend any way I want, and I wonder if I have been choosing to spend them with a reverence and thankfulness befitting the gift of TIME. There are millions of people that will wake up today and will know that today is probably their last. As they lie on their deathbeds, their gift of TIME is no longer. And you just know that they would give anything for just one more day. Sick or not.

I’m the same as everyone that I get grumpy when things don’t go my way. Unruly kids. A messy home. Stressful day of work. My car broke down. The list is endless of things that can trip up our days and leave us simply wanting to get OUT of one day and into a new one, as this current one is just the pits. The minor stressors (and even the major ones) can jump up and bite us and absolutely suck the joy of our lives from us and leave us bitter, irritated, and certainly not very thankful.

The Bible says again and again to bring your concerns to Him and to rejoice in everything. Easy, huh? Yeah, right. Philippians 4:6 tells us “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

I’ve been guilty of wishing away time. I’ve had my screaming kids all around me making me absolutely want to lock myself in the bathroom and pray to God that I could re-open the door and they’d all be a few years older so that I wouldn’t be hearing the relentless onslaught of whining…and man, is that not depressing? Wishing away time with my kids? Yup – guilty as charged. I’ve wondered how nice it would be if I could close my eyes and open them to find that I am on the other side of some massive work project that I don’t really want to mess with.

The list is endless. We have no options when it comes to dealing with our problems, as putting our head in the sand and ignoring things will get us nowhere. Instead, God calls us to find the THANKSGIVING in all situations and to glorify Him even in our hardships. What if instead of grumbling about whining kids, I thanked God for my healthy kids? What if I thanked Him for the fact that I have 3 children that love me unconditionally? What if I thought about those parents whose children are lying in hospital beds right now and how they would give ANYTHING to be at home with those very kids listening to them whine about what’s for dinner, as opposed to whining about the very painful diseases they are fighting.

What if instead of moaning about annoying work junk, I thanked God that I HAVE a job? What if I was appreciative for the fact that I had money (from that job) that put food on my table and celebrated this blessing?

I could go on and on. Christianity and walking as a Christian is not an easy journey, and God certainly never said it would be. Sometimes I liken it to where your eyes are focused: if it’s on your struggle, then yes, life is HARD. If it’s on Him, then you can find the perspective to see the blessings even in the tribulations.


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