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Art Of The Old Timer

Few columnists that have written for EXPLORE have polarized people more than our favorite curmudgeon, affectionately known simply as Old Timer. Rumors have run rampant the past few years as to the true identity of Old Timer, but all were false. After much convincing, we are pleased to finally be able to unmask Old Timer…


The Art of Helping

There’s a tangible difference between good customer service and pure, good-hearted business. Frank Ritchie, owner of Ritchie Automotive, is the local mascot for the latter. In twelve years, his Christ-centered business has risen above the local competition by simply lending a helping hand where it is needed. As a mechanic at Boerne Collision, Frank began…


Art Of The Carve

Weldon Lister of Boerne, Texas is one of Texas’ (if not the world’s) most well-respected engraver. A simple man who works out of a small studio in his home, Lister has built a catalog of work that has had him commissioned for work by everyone from George W. Bush to countless movie stars. As he…


Art of the Stretch

With previous careers in retail store ownership and real estate investing, one shouldn’t be surprised that Andi Weekley is now the owner of Agave Wellness Studio here in town. Struggling with grief, stress, and anxiety, Weekley basically crawled her way to her first yoga class, and has been hooked ever since. Weekley begins, “I used…

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