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Living History

Captain Ralph Lay adjusts his frock coat and looks at his surroundings. His canvas tent is holding up nicely against the constant onslaught of the vicious wind. His companion sits near the camp fire, eyes squinted, focusing on readying their noon meal. It has been a long day already. Setting up this camp has been…


Family – July 2012

By Christina Marie Sterling   I am not a native Texan. In fact, I have only been a resident of the Hill Country since 2007. Where I come from, 90° weather happens a handful of times a year, and rain seems to constantly pour from the Pacific North West clouds; it has taken me quite…

Songs & Stories – A Natural Sound

People have always been shaped by the natural landscapes they live in. The philosophy, world view, spirituality and culture of Texans from prehistoric times to the present are influenced by the big sky and big country that surround us. In the Hill Country, the scorching sun and unpredictable rain, the rocky soil, the rugged hills,…

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