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Artist of the Month – September 2019

It’s always enjoyable to be surprised. Aaron Patterson is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Sincere, kind-hearted, and someone with whom it’s incredibly easy to converse. Maybe it’s my weird mind, but I guess I subconsciously pigeon-holed him that he only plays a “real nice” brand of music. I was incorrect. Aaron’s…


Hunter Billingsley

Hunter Billingsley has music in his blood. A 22-year-old native to the Texas Hill Country, Hunter comes by his love of music and natural proclivities for it honestly. His great aunt was a Broadway singer. His cousin, Donald Braswell, finished 4th place on America’s Got Talent and toured throughout Europe. His grandfather was an accomplished…


Music – Jessa Rew

Jessa Rew’s confidence and grace comes across right away—whether talking to her over a cup of coffee or watching her share her songs from the stage. Jessa grew up on a 4,000 acre ranch in Pendleton, Oregon. Most of her early childhood was spent in the outdoors with her horses, enjoying the family’s beautiful piece…

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My Love Of Listening

My love of listening, my becoming an appreciater of sound composition, started in San Antonio but flourished in Boerne. For that I am grateful to this city, my home. This story is the beginning of that affair.   I don’t think it would come as a surprise for me to say, Boerne is not in a…


The Troubadour

“I’ve been hunting something for a very long time. I guess since I started playing music.” Sheila wanted more of an answer, and was happy to work for it. Though it’s hard to tell what she’s thinking behind the straighteness of her smile. An interviewer who wants, but doesn’t give makes a tough conversation. But…



New ideas. New thinking. Standing on the heels of 2014, seems like the right time for talking about awareness. The strange moments when we look, when we take stock of ourselves. Where we are. Who we want to be. This is a story about a moment of my awareness. “Can you hear it ok…?” His…


Music – The Troubadour

Let’s start on a grey evening, driving into a new town from miles of highway. Every night: show, pack up, drive, unload. City through mirrored city. Slowly watching the past polished out into a reflection of television suburbia. Shelled out. Some cities hold well, the small ones better than the others. When I was 15…


From the Publisher

Dearest EXPLORE reader, We have a station that we get via Dish Network called Palladia.  It’s basically what MTV used to be – you know, they actually play music.  Live concerts, videos, etc.  It’s fun to see concert footage from old Pearl Jam concerts, watch videos for some of the Top 40 stuff on the…


Music – Shane Walker

Musician Shane Walker has a strong knowledge of the arts, whether it encompasses his music career, teaching career or his hobbies. He lives life to its fullest, emerging himself with nature and his passions in life. He develops his own lyrics for his “Indie/Alt-Country” music style and continues to gain inspiration for making it his…



                  Sam Riggs and the Night People Outrun the Sun 2013 debut album from the Country singer/songwriter and his band. Produced by Erik Herbst (Eli Young Band, Bowling For Soup, Josh Abbott Band), Outrun The Sun signals a lyrical comprehension that reaches far beyond Sam’s years, and…

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