The B Well Shoppe

Health & Fitness opened its doors in June and has already grown to be a local favorite! The B Well Shoppe offers fresh raw juices, paleo meals to go, infrared sauna, health and nutrition coaching, fitness classes, personal training… and so much more.


The B Well Shoppe is far more than just a new local business, this is a passion created from the hearts of two local women that desire to make healthy living convenient and achievable to our community. Leslie Matt and CJ Musik are the dynamic duo behind this new venture. These two moms were instant friends when they met at a church event in 2013. As they sat together making small talk they realized they had much more in common than they could have ever imagined.


In 2007 Leslie’s health journey began right after the birth of her first child. She knew she just did not feel right and wanted to get to the bottom of it. She entered what she refers to as a “medical vortex” – bouncing around to different doctors, leaving each appointment without specific answers. After some time, she was diagnosed by a Metabolic Specialist with Celiac Disease.  This led her to the decision of taking control of her body by researching holistic options. She began to retrain herself on not only what to eliminate from her diet, but also which options were actually healthy for her. All this research spurred her desire to educate others on transforming to a healthy lifestyle.


CJ’s health journey began when her body went into crisis in 2011. She too knew that she wanted to take a holistic approach and was relentless in her researching efforts. She enrolled herself at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and then furthered her learning by accepting an Internship with a Nutritionist and Integrative Medical Doctor.  Her eyes were opened wide and she knew right away that she would stop at nothing to  educate and advocate for others along their personal health journeys. CJ uses Mineral Nutrient testing and an in depth investigation into her clients health history to begin the individualized program for each person. She does not believe in a one size fits all health program and as a Communications Professor she uses both skill sets to work as a “life coach meets health coach.”  She reveals underlying issues, educates, provides accountability and encourages clients to achieve attainable goals.


Leslie and CJ bonded over their own health journeys and dreamt of a place where families could come to not only educate themselves, but to engage in other elements of a healthy lifestyle. They believe our overall health is complex and “takes a village” to manage. B Well Shoppe is intended to be a part of that village!


Leslie and CJ encourage you to stop by and see what all they have to offer. They are innovative in creating ways to come alongside you including monthly cooking classes, a wide variety of healthy food options and fitness classes for all skill levels.


Find them on Facebook/Instagram or visit their website for more information on current specials  and upcoming eve


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