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The Power of Ten…Australia’s Vocal Wonder from Down Under…returns to the stage in Boerne, Texas, with an all-new vocal celebration for the holiday season.  Charming more than 90 million people around the world, this spirited ensemble of ten incredibly talented tenors are bringing Christmas Cheer to 1,000 lucky Blokes and Sheilas (as they say Down Under) who will be in attendance at The TEN TENORS “Home for the Holidays” show on Thursday, December 17, 2015, at Boerne Champion Auditorium.

It was less than two years ago that this singing sensation brought down the house at Boerne Champion Auditorium with their “On Broadway” performance.  Boerne Performing Arts is extremely pleased to be bringing The Ten Tenors back to Boerne featuring their “Home for the Holidays” show.

TEN TENORS member Jared Newall describes his experience as a performer at the January 2014 FOR KIDS program in Boerne.  “I remember the FOR KIDS show vividly!  There was a sense of nervousness within the TEN as the overture began to play.  We worried that the students weren’t going to be interested in our show…or that maybe it was just a good excuse for them to get out of class.  Boy, were we wrong!  What we encountered was one of the most enthusiastic audiences we would perform for on our 2014 North American tour.”

Jared continues to expound on the Boerne FOR KIDS show, reminiscing on his personal introduction of one of the final songs for the students.  He details his introduction of “Defying Gravity” from the musical “Wicked”, ”I remember everyone screaming, cheering, and most amazingly, singing along.  We don’t get to do student shows often, but it was an experience I think all the boys will remember fondly!” 

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There were two other highlights that Jared relates from the 2014 North American Tour.  “Firstly, getting to perform on the Today Show in New York City was an absolute standout…meeting Kathie Lee and Hoda was a blast!”  But at the top of his list was the night The TEN TENORS met and performed for Morgan Freeman, in his hometown in Mississippi.  Jared continues, “Mr. Freeman was extremely generous with his time, and forthcoming with his applause.  He is such an incredible patron of the arts, and it was a privilege to meet him.”

Performing as part of the opening celebration of the 2012 Euro soccer tournament, in Warsaw, Poland, is the largest performance venue of Jared’s TEN TENORS tenure.  According to Jared,  “The crowd was a capacity 60,000, and we got to go out there and do what we do.  It was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever had!”  He has also performed with the TEN at the annual “Carols in the Domain Christmas Concert” in Sydney, Australia, to over 100,000 plus people.

“Home for the Holidays” is a show that is more than three years in the making.  Jared details that it has taken thousands of man-hours to put together, and it is the culmination of “our collective passion as performers, and of our love for all things Christmas.”  Since the TEN live scattered around Australia (including one from New Zealand), they utilize the internet as a learning tool.  All materials are sent electronically to the tenors to work on individually, prior to them “descending into Melbourne, Australia, to bring everything together for the polished production you’ll be seeing December!”

Jared describes the upcoming show as one for every person who loves Christmas carols.  Jared enthuses, “It is for people who sing songs about snow and winter wonderlands, even though they never see any of those things at Christmas (I’m talking to you, Boerne!).  This show is for every child that cannot sleep on the night before Christmas, and for the adults they’ve become!”

Two hundred and sixty tickets remain for this holiday blockbuster.  Tickets ($20-$60) for the 7:30pm show are available online at or by phone at 830.331.9079.

So Boerne, here’s a wonderful opportunity to again provide an enthusiastic, full house audience to enjoy the return of Jared Newall with the TEN TENORS.  As Jared reflected, “To be invited to perform for people is an honour.  To be invited back is a privilege.  We cannot wait to see you again soon!”


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