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I have loved having the opportunity to sit down with some of Boerne’s most philanthropic souls to learn what drove them to dedicate their lives selflessly to advocate for others. There are 326 active registered nonprofit organizations in Kendall County. We are saturated with opportunity to love on others and I think that is over-the-top incredible. I adore living in a community where the position of benevolence, kindness and generosity is so prevalent. I have had the very sweet privilege of working for and with what I consider to be Boerne’s greatest nonprofit organizations, and I am beyond excited for the continuing opportunity to learn of what else our great city has to offer through this column.

This month I get to write about my personal favorite – Vault: Fostering Community.

Vault was developed in January 2014 over coffee at Freedom Cup in Boerne, Texas. I sat down with my dear friend Rachel Russo to just talk about life and as it usually goes with out time together, our casual coffee turned into a brainstorming session. We began discussing how excited we were to see the growth of orphan care in our community. We had already been given the opportunity to rally for several friends as they had taken a leap of faith into making a difference in our world by loving orphans the way God loves them. At that time, Rachel was in the process of foster parent certification and was able to share some of the fears she had in boldly opening her home. We both wanted to come alongside families in this beautiful but sometimes overwhelming process. We began to dream about the resources we could provide to families and if we could alleviate even a small amount of chaos to local foster families…then maybe more people would be inclined to open their homes.  Then we took that dream and we kicked its butt right into a reality. Vault received official 501c3 non profit status at the end of 2014. Using only social media and word-of-mouth, we were able to provide resources to over 100 families in 2014 and we are on track to double that number in 2015. Our mission became to provide support for local foster families as they meet the need of foster children. We desire to help ease the burden by collecting necessities for families receiving placements with short notice. Foster care is a safe place for a child to be if he/she cannot live with his/her family or on their own. Children enter foster care because of neglect, abuse, or a family crisis. Foster parents help children grow by providing them with stability, affection, consistency, and nurturing. As we began to collect, sort and distribute items our passion grew for the greater needs that these families may encounter. When we stepped in and took a closer look, we saw people excited to change the life of a child, even if just for a short time. Foster care can be unpredictable and demanding at times and Vault wants to do more than drop off a car seat or crib. We cannot all be foster parents, but we can all be a part of ending the orphan crisis in some way.

We act as a library with larger items (cribs, car seats, strollers, etc.) by providing families who have received a placement the ability to “check out” the things they need and we are able to gift the families with smaller items like clothes, books and diapers. We also host interest meetings to educate our community on the details of foster care, host quarterly parents night out events for foster parents, have two support groups (Strong Room and Stronger Room), assist in first aid training, an so much more. We are completely funded by like minded people in our community, local churches and The One Less Race. One Less Race was created by my favorite family in all the world, The Fickey’s, to help eliminate some of the financial stress on their journey to bring their son home from Africa. The race has grown tremendously each year and last year partnered with Vault, because we believed together we could create a larger impact. This years race will take place at the beautiful Joshua Springs Park and Preserve on May 14th and will not only provide financial support to Vault, but will also provide grants to two more families that are in the process of International adoption. Join us as we help speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We just can’t do it without you.

Ways YOU can be a part!

– Is your birthday coming up and you can’t think of anything you “need”? Ask for new packages of diaper and wipes or visa gift cards to help Vault love on families!


– Make a monetary donation to Vault on our website. Become a monthly donor…all the cool kids are doing it!

– Donate your gently used baby and children’s items to us!

Visit our website or find us on Facebook for the most up to date information. Then stop by the One Less Race website to register for a FUN family friendly event that is sure to become a yearly tradition for you!


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