EXPLORE magazine is a publication of Distinct Media, LLC, based in Boerne, Texas.

Started in 2006, EXPLORE is now the area’s longest running magazine, and for good reason. Most publications focus on ad revenues, and then work content around the advertising, EXPLORE does the opposite: we create the most compelling content we can create, and then trust that the advertisers will follow that would like their business featured within the area’s most widely read publication, as EXPLORE is.

Our model has worked. We do not “sell” our content. We don’t create a publication that is 75% advertising. We actually try to create a publication that will engage you, make you laugh, or cry, or think…and then we work closely with our clients to maximize their ROI and create a mutually beneficial relationship. There’s a reason almost 90% of our clients “re-commit” to the magazine at the end of their initial commitment!

If you’d like to see how we can help your business, drop us a note below. We’d love to start a conversation with you!