Art of Cool


If you’ve read EXPLORE in the last decade, you have enjoyed the layout and design of our Creative Director, Ben Weber. Sometimes artistic and beautiful, and sometimes light-hearted and laugh-inducing, Weber is the creative control behind every aspect of how this magazine is seen visually. We thought that with our options of meeting with subjects out in the world pretty limited right now, we’d take the opportunity to pull the curtain back and introduce you to the designer that pours countless hours of inspiration into what is this area’s most unique publication, EXPLORE.

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From big aspirations to hit and miss jobs to finally feeling complete in his daily missions to find creativity, Weber finishes, “At the end of the day, I like making things look cool. That’s my great motivation. Whenever I can do that, it has been a good day. I’m always my worst critic and even when the client likes it, I like it personally when I am the one to push back from my computer, put on a big smile, and say “Damn, THAT’S cool.”