Art of CRAFTSMANSHIP – Smith Outdoor Concepts – by Deva Moore


Home is where we relax. It is the ultimate art we love and display. Our home is our heart. Forrest Smith with Smith Outdoor Concepts understands just that and his goal is to make your home your ultimate oasis. Forrest is the creator, brain and lead artist behind Smith Outdoor Concepts and his devotion to making your dream come true is obvious in all he does. 

About 25+ years ago Forrest was in management in the auto industry. He enjoyed managing his crew, providing fantastic service to his customers and the success it all brought. He knew there was more and that he could move into the next step of his life goals. He imagined the beauty he could create and the joy he could build. He could bring one’s imagination to life and provide the art they desired in their own realm. Forrest and his Concept crew are artists and craftsmen extraordinaire! A mere thought or idea can be reality in your own paradise. But I am getting ahead of myself… 

Forrest had a vision of how he could develop magic from a thought, an idea or a simple plan. One could create an entire paradise from their own ideas on basically a blank slate of property. Projects that can be in phases for ease of completion or budget or projects that maintain the beauty and comfort of an already established home. 

Art enhances our lives and gives us peace and comfort for a life we choose. Smith Outdoor Concepts can do an endless unlimited list of projects. They are most certainly The One Stop destination for all of your outdoor and some indoor needs! They offer small handyman jobs, quality sturdy secure fencing to keep animals in or predators out, decorative fencing for yards, gardens or even pastures. Since Smith Outdoor Concepts are proficient in welding, they can create gorgeous fencing to last a lifetime. 

Forrest and his knowledgeable crew can create the perfect deck for entertaining or just enjoying wildlife or bird watching. Want to enjoy a beverage in the evening and listen to the wildlife, then contact Forrest to draw up that dream for you and make it happen! 

Smith Outdoor Concepts will create the perfect entrance personalized just for you to awe those guests as they enter for a relaxing visit. A comfortable barbeque outdoor kitchen under a dramatic pergola provides an oasis of beauty for a meal. Have a pond or outdoor water feature with the soothing sounds of a babbling stream? No? Well Forrest Smith can build one just for you that will give you, your family and guests a relaxing evening!!! I am pretty certain that by now you understand that for Forrest and his crew at Smith Outdoor Concepts there are no limits!!! If you can dream or imagine it then they can build it! 

Already have a pond, but need a dock for fishing or parking that water toy or maybe you need the pond? Yep, Call Forrest! Smith Outdoor Concepts is the entire package for all of your dreams and projects. Forrest assures me that he works with all budgets and ideas. He personalizes each project completely with the client. His goal is to maintain repeat customers that always know Forrest makes their happiness his first goal. 

Forrest has an impressive happy clientele that extends back more than 20 years and many are repeat happy customers. He protects his clients’ identities but his list contains doctors, lawyers, athletes, musicians and other artists as well as farmers and ranchers. No job is too small or too difficult. If one can imagine or dream it then Forrest and his crew can create it! 

The corporate world assisted Forrest realizing his skills learned as management could guide him in his Smith Outdoor Concepts and it has, but do not let the name fool you, he can do it all. His knowledgeable crew, led by Forrest, can fix small jobs around the house. A leaky pipe, a bathroom issue with plumbing, new cabinets, a sink drip or maybe a small electrical issue are all in Forrest Smith’s wheelhouse. 

One really should keep Forrest number handy. Besides the artistic features he can provide on your property, Forrest builds garages, carports, all types of fencing, gates, decks, water features, animal pens, railing, docks and porches. Whew! What have I left out? The kitchen sink? Nope he also creates bbq areas, pergolas, and so much more. It is really true that if you can imagine it then Smith Outdoor Concepts can build it. 

Forrest has an awesome support system in his family. His parents, siblings, children and grandchildren keep him motivated and creative. But he was quick to tell me that his “better half,” as he refers to her, is Kaye! Kaye assists Forrest in projects that need a female perspective. She gives sound advice for projects that need that softer approach. Forrest and his crew stay up to date on the latest trends, styles and colors with continuing education. He employs talented crew members who share his vision of customer satisfaction and quality work. 

Forrest has always enjoyed his talent of creativity and throughout his life has sought out careers that showcased those talents. He has successfully advanced in the auto industry through management, owned and operated a food truck serving delicious food and superb service and now providing a business that meets the needs of beautiful and attractive landscaping features to impress all. Even his elaborate or simple fencing projects attract attention for their service, as well as their enhanced beauty for the eye. 

Forrest through Smith Outdoor Concepts gives an aesthetic quality while providing a long lasting durable product to stand for generations. Art is dependable and valuable and Smith Outdoor Concepts is a master at its art craft. Forrest insists on quality products, quality service and quality materials. 

Smith Outdoor Concepts is conveniently located in the Comfort area and Forrest is a hometown man with deep roots in his community. He volunteers locally and is invested in his town. He assured me that quality and happy customers are his priority. His customers are his neighbors, friends and fellow residents. He interacts with them on a regular basis, not just as his clients. Being an active member of society is important to him and he has pride in his work ethic. Smith Outdoor Concepts serves the surrounding areas around and in Kendall County and a consultation with Forrest will secure your next project.

Forrest, aka Smith Outdoor Concepts, has easy ways to connect with him. He can be reached by phone at 210-347-0319, on facebook Smith Outdoor Concepts, or by email at or his personal facebook which is linked on his Smith Outdoor Concepts page! Many people know him as Bubba!

Many of Forrest’s projects can be done within a few days, but many projects require weeks if not months. Calling him with your dream idea allows him to focus on the plan and it is important that you as the client, and Forrest as the artist, know exactly what you want. An interesting note on Forrest’s artistry is that he is adaptable even in the middle of the project if the client finds something additional they desire or a change in the direction of the plan. Nothing is out of his wheelhouse or throws him. Forrest has always been a calm in control man and he can handle what you throw at him.

Smith Outdoor Concepts always gives free estimates and no job is too small or too big. Just give them a call and let Forrest work his magic on your idea.

Forrest has an extensive reputation for using materials that are good for the environment. He is adept at repurposing wood and metal at the clients request for many projects giving them the wow factor. Forrest maintains that his work reflect the clients image desired. He shared with me an outdoor kitchen that Smith Outdoor Concepts built that was out of repurposed wood and tin. The pergola just framed the space beautifully creating a functional pleasing relaxing area for his client.

A feature that Forrest explained is that South Texas areas sometimes require drought resistant plants that are eco-friendly and he has created amazing xeriscapes keeping a green ecological function for his clients and the earth. Plants, bushes, flowers and vegetable raised gardens are part of Smith Outdoor Concepts tool box. Always with the preference of the client and artistically arranged and designed by Forrest. And maintenance you ask? Yes, I told you Smith Outdoor Concepts does it all! From start to maintaining to a finish…well is anything ever really finished…not really! Forrest and his Smith Outdoor Concepts always offers more.

The use of native stone and Forrest’s ability to design. gives many projects the historical value that we all treasure. A fence or structure can be built to give the impression it has been there for years. Only you and your artist will know.

Smith Outdoor Concepts is proud to have certified welders and irrigation certification experts on staff. Forrest proudly shares that he requires his employees to be state of the art artists. With Forrest and Smith Outdoor Concepts, the client is assured they are getting the best.

Every artist has tools that they are masters in using. This operation is no different. From shovels, rakes, small hand tools to large machinery and welders this group has it all and knows how to use it all. Forrest not only employs the best crew, but he uses the best machinery and equipment that he can acquire. So it only is natural that his material is the best from plants to nails to wire to service.

Smith Outdoor Concepts offers a warranty on their work and projects. Their projects include animal friendly, safe plants and products, and they stay knowledgeable on materials that are earth and animal safety products. They are able to adapt to the need and requirements of the client and environment equally. 

Forrest prides himself and his art business on honest, fair, flexible business ethic. The art that Smith Outdoor Concepts provides is comfortable, pleasing, functional and beautiful. Beauty is just a call away and your dream is a reality with Forrest at Smith Outdoor Concepts! It is never too soon to make it happen!